Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 2/11/17 - Week 11/52 - Luna's Future Leads for 20th Week, Loads of New Top 10s

Luna's Future returns to the summit for a 20th week, its first time in 2017. Competition hasn't been very stiff for the past few weeks, so it was basically a question of when big debuts would dry up for when it would retake the crown, as it was lurking in the top 3 for the past few months. This period of low activity has however led to what has happened to happen big, and indeed we have 4 brand new top 10s this week! First up is Stars & Sky, a first for Progressive Element, boosted by a remix by UndreamedPanic, landing in the runner-up slot. In a quick side note for the one returning top 10, You & Me rebounds hard 11-5 after peaking at #3 2 weeks ago. A Changeling Can Change (JoinedTheHerd) is a new top 10 for the artist, jumping 23-7. Empire Past returns to the chart at a brand new peak thanks to the support of not just one (PVNK) but 2 remixes (UndreamedPanic). Finally, Sun and Moon, after peaking at #12, hits a new height in jumping 21-9 thanks to the power of votes kicking in. Find out more past the break!

Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 2/4/17 - Week 10/52 - Luna Jax Gets First Topper, Kadenza & Zero Get First Top 10

Back to You comes back to the Trot 100 in gusto, as it re-enters the chart at #1 this week! Luna Jax finally gets not only his first top 10 but also his first #1. This is also 4everfreebrony's second top 10, as he features on the track; the last time he appeared on the top was as one of three features on SlyphStorm's Soldiers of the Night. In the rest of the top 10, the biggest news is Kadenza and Zero hitting the top 10 in their latest collab called Chaos. Find out more past the break!

UPDATE: Little Dreams originally did not count all eligible remixes for its re-entry. It has been corrected and it now thus re-enters at #7, a new peak and the first time it's made it to the top 10! Also, there was an error calculating Horse Christmas' point total.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 1/28/17 - Week 9/52 - Come Alive Leads a Consecutive Frame, Fourth Total, While Three Songs Make Top 10

Come Alive keeps strong this week as it leads the Trot 100 for a fourth nonconsecutive frame. Notably, this is the first time it's strung multiple weeks on top in a run (It led one week each in 2015 and 2016 prior to this current streak). Meanwhile, the top 5 heats up with 2 brand new entries: Foozogz gets another song to #3 with You & Me (he previously debuted in that slot in 2016 with Acceptance), while DJT & ExplodingPonyToast make it to the top 10 for the first time with Sugar Shy. Right outside that zone, WoodLore gets a new top 10 with My Sweet Peace, finally re-entering thanks to a remix by Jyc Row, which ended up getting the most votes in the recent poll for December songs. Find out more past the break!

UPDATE: Due to an error in calculating the point total for Horse Christmas, the chart has had a slight change.

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 1/21/17 - Week 8/52 - Silva Hound Tops a Third Time With Come Alive, 4everfreebrony Jumps, & WeimTime Returns

After re-entering last week in the runner up slot, Come Alive now tops the chart on a relatively low activity week. This means that in each phase of its music video's development, it has led the chart for one week. Incidentally, it's qualified for the running year-end, so it looks like it has a good chance to land on a third year-end after making it to 2015 and 2016. Close behind is Hoping, which zooms to #2 from right outside the top 10 at #11 thanks to a new piano version of the track with the current vocals, resembling the original 2015 release of the song. My Only Friends by 4everfreebrony also jumps 9-5, a new peak, and Smell the Roses recovers 10-7. The last nugget of big news is that Trust in Me, Child heads back into the zone, up 13-6. With a major project on the way soon, it could be poised to gain even further (it's already the top song of the year on the running year-end). Find out more past the break!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 1/14/17 - Week 7/52 - Jyc Row & Francis Vace Nab First Number One, Silva Hound Returns

In quite the surprising event (even for the main artist himself), Celestial Berserkers has received a flurry of attention, leading to a massive boost in likes and views allowing the track to zoom from near the bottom of the top 40 all the way to the top! It was big enough to fend off the third run of Come Alive, potentially its last since it's off the final music video made for it (the previous bouts at the top were thanks to works in progress). In further news for the duo, their other tracks Warriors of Griffonstone also hits the top 10 for the first time, jumping 40-4. Find out more past the break!