Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 8/26/17 - Week 39/52 - Magpiepony & Jay Man lead Fifth Week, Mantlegen Has First Top 10, 4everfreebrony & Aurelleah Debut

In a busy week everywhere except the top of the chart, Dream of You continues its dominance, though at a vulnerably low amount of chart points. Aurelleah has a good week, both debuting his new remix of You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song at #6 and sending his new original On Wings of Moonlight all the way up to #2, up from its #5 debut last week. 4everfreebrony is no slouch either, debuting Hello at #5 and recovering Chant of Benevolence 4-3. False Crown, off its win on the July polls, surges back 12-4, its original peak. Finally, debuting in the top 10 for the first time is Mantlegen, landing Fly In at #8. Find out more past the break!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 8/19/17 - Week 38/52 - Magpiepony & Jay Man lead Fourth Week, 4everfreebrony Surges, Aurelleah & Vylet Debut

It's quite the busy week on the charts, though not at the pole position, which is once again led by Dream Of You, now in its fourth nonconsecutive (and second consecutive) week atop, once again with under 3,500 chart points. It's possible the return of Season 7 could cause it to resurge since The Perfect Pear will get its proper USA airing, or maybe some new song based on the episode (or even one of the other contenders from earlier on) could come and steal away the spotlight. Regardless, where things get interesting is with the #2 slot, taken up this week by Thought I'd Let You Know by 4everfreebrony, up all the way from #25 after its re-entry. Boasting a new music video, the song's still only strong enough to barely miss 2,000 points however. Elsewhere in the top 10 are debuts from Aurelleah and Vylet, each bringing performers their first top 10s: in Aurelleah's case, On Wings of Moonlight marks both the chart debuts and top 10 debuts of featured artists 1004Lights and Megan McDuffee, while for Vylet Pony, OMNI is his featured buddy. Find out more past the break!