Saturday, December 17, 2016

2017 Chart Year - 12/31/16 - Week 5/52 - WeimTime Leads Thanks to Duo Cartoonist Animatic, PrinceWhateverer Hits Top 10

Once more, "Trust in Me, Child" crowns the chart. This time, it's thanks to Duo Cartoonist's new animatic for the song (it previously had a single shot animated image). This time the lead was so massive that it may end up backfiring against the song, as it now runs on 1/4 points as per policy. The animatic also brings proxy attention back to "First Flight", recovering strong 21-7. Overall this week was less competitive, so "Luna's Future (Aurelleah)" returns to the runner-up slot 4-2. "Shy Heart", soon to be officially revealed as November's top-voted song, holds to #3. Last week's topper, "Luna's Determination", takes a modest dip 1-4. Lower in the zone, "Away From Me", which debuted last week at #16, closes in all the way at #9. Next to it, "I'll Keep Trying" returns to the top 10 13-10. Find out more past the break!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

2017 Chart Year - 12/24/16 - Week 4/52 - MelodicPony Lands Posthumous #1 Thanks to Minty Root

Though the chart, due to policy, was unable to reflect the mourning of MelodicPony, there has belatedly been a major achievement for him. His track Luna's Determination from 2014 finally re-enters the Trot 100 at the top spot thanks to a new animation using it by Minty Root. This is far from the first time an older song tops thanks to new attention: just last summer, Brony Polka returned to the top spot thanks to a Bronycon video. In any case, this is the biggest news on the top 10, but there's more past the zone and past the break!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

2017 Chart Year - 12/17/16 - Week 3/52 - Egomania Tops in 25th Week, Hoping Re-Enters As Runner-up

What this lacks in raw debuts, it more than makes up for in surprises! Egomania, boosted by new remixes by Phoxi and Sayonara Maxwell (primarily the latter) surges to surpass its former peak of #3 to crown the chart for the first time. In addition, tailing it closely is a re-entry from back in winter of 2015/2016: Hoping by 4everfreebrony, now retooled with new instrumentation and a new vocalist, though keeping Relative|Pitch as a feature. Further down the chart, the October top 10 voted songs make waves, as Celestial Berserkers and Peppermint make new peaks and the former along with Learning from the Best, Carry On, and Warriors of Griffonstone hit the top 20. Find out more past the break!