Friday, February 24, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 3/11/17 - Week 15/52 - Spiral Harmonies Leads for a Third Week Along With WeimTime's Runner-Up Re-Entry, Aurelleah, PrinceWhateverer, Vylet Pony & Jyc Row Get New Top 10s

Like last week, Project Choices hype is in the air. Midnight Frenzy leads for a third straight week following its debut, though it's down this week to about 10,000 points from 26,000. It's joined this week by a familiar face: Trust in Me, Child re-enters the chart at the runner-up slot following a new WIP for Project Choices (which counts for the song's streaming because it is the only song featured). Another familiar face is PrinceWhateverer, whose rerecord of Between Fairy Tales and Happy Endings enters the chart at a healthy #3. This week in general was rather active for the top 10, with three songs returning (Trust as mentioned, You & Me, up 12-8, and Say Goodbye to the Holiday's microThunder remix, up 11-10) and three songs making their first appearances (Between as mentioned, Out of Your Mind at #6 by Vylet Pony and Lyde, and Friendship is Epic by Jyc Row, up 47-9). Find out more past the break!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 3/4/17 - Week 14/52 - Spiral Harmonies Leads a Second Week and Takes the Year-End

Midnight Frenzy leads for a second week amid Project Choices hype that also brings First Flight back to the top 10 (19-6, after climbing from #48 last week). Also, fueled by new versions, Peppermint (with a remix by Silva Hound) and Here on the Moon (covered by Pinkie Rose) re-enter at #2 and #3 respectively, new peaks for both. Also, 4everfreebrony gets a new track on the chart at #8 with Just a Game and The Blob Symphony returns thanks to a VIP remix at #7 (it previously peaked at #5 in both 2014 and 2015). Find out more past the break!

Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 2/25/17 - Week 13/52 - Duo Cartoonist Brings Third Act to No. 1, 4 Other New Top 10s

We've got another active week on the chart, with a whopping 5 songs brand new to the top 10! Biggest by a long stretch (it has 900% more points than the #2) is Midnight Frenzy by Spiral Harmonies with the vocals of PK Emi. Part of the Choices series (which previously had toppers on the chart with WeimTime LLC's Trust in Me, Child and KC.Guzman's First Flight, the latter of which jumps 48-19 this week), this is a first appearance on the chart at all for both artists! Continuing the trend of remixes prompting high re-entries, the VIP version of StrachAttack's Mustache Ride gives the artist his new career peak as the song re-enters at the lofty place of #3! Also present this week is a continuation of the Stellae Key series with Et Les Toilles Chantent, which is the highest peaking of the 4 songs at #5. The last two debuts are Bang Out at #7 from the duo of Vylet Pony and Silva Hound and Twi's Light, The L-Train latest single featuring FenPony, landing at #10. Check out more past the break!