Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 4/8/17 - Week 19/52 - Run Away Leads Third Week

This was a slow week, even in comparison to other slow weeks. To put in perspective, the #100 song this week racks up a bit under 80 points; usually the number's closer to 100, maybe 120. In any case, Run Away runs away with the crown for a third straight week, though I do note that its point totals appear to staggering a little faster. In fact, that's true for the whole Project Choices crew, namely the first track Trust in Me Child (which drops off the chart entirely), First Flight (down 3-4, swapping places with From the Ashes), and Midnight Frenzy, which is already down to 4,500 points per week. Could this be due to the hype dying thanks to a confirmation that the animation project shall not be pursued? Maybe! Time will tell and we'll see if the tracks drop positions like a rock next week. Otherwise, there's nothing new in the top 10, though two songs reach new peaks: Just Me climbs 10-8 and Just a Game notches up 7-5. Find out more past the break!

Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 4/1/17 - Week 18/52 - Run Away Leads Second Week, Vocal Score & Scarlet Harmony Hit Top 10

Run Away continues its dominance, actually ending up bigger than it was last week, almost doubling its points this week, this time with a bigger slant towards views than likes. It keeps 4-week leader Midnight Frenzy at bay handily, and now a third Project Choices song joins them (First Flight, 6-3) to lock up the whole top 3! Lower down in the top 10, we have a new peaker: Awoken climbs 10-8. Also, there's a brand new top 10: Just Me is up 20-10, after peaking at #12 upon its debut. Find out more past the break!