Thursday, November 15, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 11/24/18 - Week 53/53 - Magpiepony & Crew Lead Fourth Frame, 4everfreebrony Debuts in Top 10

We end the chart year, heading towards Thanksgiving break for many families...and the top song in the fandom is Halloween themed. Well then. "The Scariest Costume" is beginning to taper, though it still maintains a safe margin above the rest of the chart. Still, lots of new peaks abound in the top 10: "A Kirin Tale (Remix)" from JoinedTheHerd moves up 3-2, "Feed Me With Your Heart" gets a new peak for a second week in a row with a 4-3 climb, "Night Queen", while lacking a new peak, gets a major boost thanks to its new version from 10-4 after spending two weeks in a row in the prior position, "A Kirin Tale (Remix)" from Faulty edges up 6-5, and "Tears of the Evernight" moves up 9-8 off MV hype. Finally, we have one new top 10 this week: "Chant of Immortality", which received a new solo recording from 4everfreebrony that matches his live arrangements of the track. Find out more past the break!

Friday, November 9, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 11/17/18 - Week 52/53 - Magpiepony & Crew Lead Third Week, Frozen Night Returns to Chart in New Top 10 Peak

On the surface, this may not seem to be the craziest week: only one top 10 swaps out and The Scariest Costume remains atop the chart. However, this week brings with a flurry of new peak, starting with one song that actually hadn't gotten into the top 10 prior: "Tears of the Evernight" by Frozen Night, re-entering the chart at #9 thanks to its feature on the sequel to the hit "Different Life of Guardian". (unlike the original entry, there wasn't an original composition for the animation) Along with it, JoinedTheHerd had a great, holding once more to a #7 peak for Your Heart is in Two Places' remix and jumping 6-3 with his new remix of A Kirin Tale, Faulty's take on the same song bounds 8-6 in its fourth frame, and Ponyphonic gets a strong sophomore week as Feed Me With Your Heart climbs 5-4. Find out more past the break!

Friday, November 2, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 11/10/18 - Week 51/53 - TrueSailorComet, Magpiepony, & PurpleRoselyn Take Second Week, Ponyphonic, JoinedTheHerd, & Foozogz Get New Top 10s

Fittingly, on the Halloween-covered week, the Halloween song takes the lead, with "The Scariest Costume" leading the chart on its second frame after debuting in the spot. This was also a really active week in the top 10: Ponyphonic returns for the holiday with "Feed Me With Your Love", which debuts at #5, JoinedTheHerd continues his remix run, as "A Kirin Tale" debuts at #6 (His "Your Heart is In Two Places" remix holds at its #7 peak), "Going Lucid", benefitting from Ponies at Dawn backing, gives Foozogz a new top 10 in a 24-9 rise, and "Night Queen", benefitting from a self-remix that brings in a featured credit for PrinceWhateverer, returns to the top 10 in a 31-10 vault. Find out more past the break!

Friday, October 26, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 11/3/18 - Week 50/53 - TrueSailorComet, Magpiepony, & PurpleRoselyn Debut at Top, Silva Hound, Jyc Row, & EileMonty Debut Right Behind

It's a stacked week once again, as Magpiepony's latest concoction: "The Scariest Costume", a Halloween track between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, debuts in the top slot. Debuting just under it is "The Magic Flicker", a collab between Silva Hound and Jyc Row with the vocal talents of EileMonty. We also have some more songs new to the top 10, namely a debut for JoinedTheHerd's remix of Your Heart is in Two Places at #7, a 34-9 rise for Delta Brony's boss theme for Cozy Glow, and a 31-10 jump for Faulty's remix of A Kirin Tale. See more past the break!

Friday, October 19, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 10/27/18 - Week 49/53 - PrinceWhateverer Leads Third Week, 4 Debuts in the Top 10

Solidarity has shapen up to be PrinceWhateverer's latest smash, taking a third week atop the chart by a considerable margin (5:3). Also present this week are a slew of debuts in the top 10, starting off with two in the top 5 by some of our usual suspects: 4everfreebrony's My Favorite Mystery leads at #3, while ThatMusicBrony makes his first solo appearance as Thoughts launches at #5. We've then got TPressleyJ's What the Hay debuting at #7 and an act making their first appearance in the top 10: Etherium Apex, whose Flight of the Rainboom blasts off at #9! Check out more past the break!

Friday, October 12, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 10/20/18 - Week 48/53 - PrinceWhateverer Holds at #1, 2 Top 5 Debuts and an Additional Top 10 Debut

You know what's not fun? Being sick for a week, working for a couple of hours with a spreadsheet, then staring at a white screen further while typing up an article. So, because of that, let's just get to the chart, 'kay?

Thursday, October 4, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 10/13/18 - Week 47/53 - PrinceWhateverer Debuts at #1 Ahead of #2 Debut from Jyc Row & UndreamedPanic, Plus a Smorgasboard of Debuts Across Top 20

Enigma launched this past week, and you know what that means: chaos on the charts! We've got a new number one, oodles of top 20 debuts, and overall just a ton of shakeups, so check them out past the break!