Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 1/20/18 - Week 9/53 - CG5 Takes Top Spot, GhostXb Returns to New Peak

It's an active week on the charts, as CG5 finally ascends to the #1 spot on its 4th week. Sporting over 10,000 views and 270 likes, the track has robust support. It fends off in a close match Not Too Late, which has experienced a surge in views in voting season. Sister track The Light of Friendship recovers 10-9. The other big piece of news is for GhostXb and Wubcake, whose Extraction jumps 14-7, a new peak for the track. Find out more past the break!

Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 1/6/18 - Week 7/53 - SayMaxWell Leads Third Week, PrinceWhateverer & microThunder Get New Top 10s

Part of the Swarm continues its domination of the charts, snagging a third week atop after it debuted in the top position. However, competition may be coming sooner rather than later: Open Up Your Eyes' cover by CG5 zooms 4-2 with a significant point boost at the same time that Part of the Swarm loses a significant amount of momentum after the remix horde last week. Will they trade places next week? Time will tell... In other news, PrinceWhateverer gets Conviction to #6 in its first frame with a feature by Sable Symphony. Apparently, the vice-versa doesn't quite pay off the same way: Sable Symphony's Rise of the Storm King, featuring PrinceWhateverer along with hit artist Osoch (whose Open Up Your Eyes cover holds at #5 this week) and Rockin'Brony, misses the Trot 100 and instead lands on the Trotting Up countdown (a list that currently is exclusive to the PonyvilleFM Discord). In addition, microThunder, riding the massive success of his Say Goodbye to the Holiday remix, gets his take on The Seeds of the Past up to #9. Find out more past the break!

Friday, December 22, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 1/3/18 - Week 6/53 - SayMaxWell Leads Second Week & CG5 Lands in Top 5

In quite the hectic week, our topper ends up even stronger than when it debuted in the spot. Part of the Swarm has a major single campaign going on right now, involving a whole remix EP comprised of 6 takes on the song, the GatoPaint remix in particular doing well. These combined give the song a 54% gain in chart points, meaning it's leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack. Among said pack, Time to Be Awesome finally takes a sharp increase in a new peak moving 5-2. However, Part of the Swarm takes a 151% lead on it, meaning it likely will not be able to ascend to the prime position. Open Up Your Eyes gets a new take from fandom outsider CG5, whose exposure to bronies sends the song up to a debut position of #4. Find out more past the break!

NOTE: It was formerly reported how mikuma ascended into the top 10. This was due to an error in tabulation and has been corrected.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Transitioning Away From Magazine-Style Dating

In accordance with Billboard's recently announced move due to their diminishing status as a magazine outlet, the Equestrian Trot 100 will have a quirk in its dating to match up the Trot 100 and main Billboard charts. Next week's chart, instead of being dated 1/6/18, shall instead be dated 1/3/18, and the following week's chart will instead be the 1/6. This means the charts shall now be dated to the Saturday after they're announced instead of 2 Saturdays later.

Friday, December 15, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 12/30/17 - Week 5/52 - SayMaxWell Gets New Topper With FritzyBeat & ForeverFreest, Lenich & Kirya Get New Top 10

SayMaxWell (formerly aliased as Sayonara Maxwell) makes his first debut under said name on the chart all the way at the top! Part of the Swarm launches at #1 off strong views and likes, above 20,000 and 2,000 respectively. This also marks the second time FritzyBeat has been credited on a #1 debut: his last appearance was under Sim Gretina and microThunder on Neigh Anything. This causes an upending of the top 5 order: the Magpiepony/Jay Man tracks stick in their hierarchy (Not Too Late remaining the bigger track handily), down a spot each, but Time to Be Awesome's Aurelleah remix holds its ground at #5, with the artist's own We're Not Flawless remix denying it a new peak by just .05%! The second half also gets a shakeup: while A Final Twilight holds for a fourth week at its peak (meaning it's spent every week of its run at #7 so far), Piano Hero, off the Raycord Legends OST, debuts at #8, and In a Rush jumps back to its #9 peak from #16. Find out more past the break!

Friday, December 8, 2017