Friday, September 15, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/30/17 - Week 44/52 - Notion Leads the Trot 100 With Vylet Pony, Jyc Row Climbs Into Top 10

I wasn't sure if it was gonna happen this week or sometime in the near future, but A New Pair of Wings has indeed claimed a tight victory over We're Not Flawless (Aurelleah), aided by a remix of its own by brony artist Bluu. The only other major shakeup in the top 10 is that Don't Run Away runs off after its debut 9-23, meaning the vote aided Nightmare Moon, The Lunar Queen makes an ascension 13-10, finally breaking its old peak of #12 and giving it its first week in the zone. Find out more past the break!

Friday, September 8, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/23/17 - Week 43/52 - Aurelleah Takes Second Week With Remix, 4everfreebrony Debuts and Returns

Not much to say this week except Notion is coming. What week? I'm not sure, but for now We're Not Flawless by Aurelleah keeps A New Pair of Wings at bay as it surges 6-2. Find out more past the break!

New Weighting Change to Retroactively Apply: Promotional Track Point Caps

Already in place are systems that promote variety by weighing against songs in rungs of the top 40 and permanent weighting against music video songs. However, one thing that wasn't dealt with well was the attack of songs that had third party benefits and were thus getting massive-point weeks but not through music videos. Such examples include songs that use instrumentals from the public domain (a recent example being Dream of You) and songs that are pegged for another major project but released solo as regular tracks (current year-end leaders Midnight Frenzy and Run Away being the main culprits this year). As of today, two new rules are being introduced to the fold regarding such weighting:

  • Songs without music videos but with third party support that go significantly over 10,000 points in a single week will be temporarily treated the same as music videos for applicable weeks.
  • Songs with music videos, while in the beginning weight-up period, will have their permanent weighing against settled on the weight-up period has concluded, meaning they can be lightened in those first few weeks.
These changes have been applied to the internal database, and have resulted in the following major rank change:

  • Dream of You debuted at #2, not #1, leading Chant of Benevolence to debut at #1 in its stead.
For full disclosure, the reason this change was pursued was threefold: one, the Project Choices songs have absured leads on everything else on the year-end along with Dream of You (5:1, 4:1, and 3:2 respectively on the brunt of the rest of the year-end entries), Dream of You's 5-week stint atop the charts this summer, and A New Pair of Wings meteoric start getting it a 6th-power weight against it on week one, which would cause it to plummet even if it did well afterwards.

The new chart for this week will have these rules already applied and should be prepared by tomorrow!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/16/17 - Week 42/52 - Aurelleah Leads With Different We're Not Flawless Remix, Notion Debuts Megasmash With Vylet Pony

In the music sphere, a remix of We're Not Flawless gets usurped by a different remix of it, as the remixing artists trading hands are UndreamedPanic and Aurelleah. However, outside of strictly music, we have one big debut this week: A New Pair of Wings by Notion featuring Vylet Pony, flying in at #6. As a music video was the cause of virality, it suffers big time from current music video weights, but it could still end up challenging for #1 on a later week.

Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/9/17 - Week 41/52 - UndreamedPanic Lands First Topper, Aurelleah, PrinceWhateverer, & 4everfreebrony Debut, and Enermatrix Surges

The chart is utter chaos this week: our top 3 is locked up with 3 different remixes of the new show tune We're Not Flawless, with UndreamedPanic's version in the pole position after debuting at #3 last week behind Dance Magic (the track falls 1-33 this week as most of its promotion by Cider Party ended up frontloading) and Lovin' You is So Fun! (down 2-9). Debuting his new remix at a strong #2 with over 1,500 likes and 19,000 views is Aurelleah. Meanwhile, Enermatrix's remix, which started last week at an innocuous #27, surges up to #3, giving him his career peak. The top 6 all got new peaks this week, with Aurelleah's You're in My Head[...] remix jumping 9-4 in its third week, PrinceWhateverer's remake of Constellations debuting at #5 (outpeaking the original track from 2014, which did not make it to the top 10), and Sometimes by 4everfreebrony with Aviators landing at #6. Find out more past the break!

Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 8/26/17 - Week 39/52 - Magpiepony & Jay Man lead Fifth Week, Mantlegen Has First Top 10, 4everfreebrony & Aurelleah Debut

In a busy week everywhere except the top of the chart, Dream of You continues its dominance, though at a vulnerably low amount of chart points. Aurelleah has a good week, both debuting his new remix of You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song at #6 and sending his new original On Wings of Moonlight all the way up to #2, up from its #5 debut last week. 4everfreebrony is no slouch either, debuting Hello at #5 and recovering Chant of Benevolence 4-3. False Crown, off its win on the July polls, surges back 12-4, its original peak. Finally, debuting in the top 10 for the first time is Mantlegen, landing Fly In at #8. Find out more past the break!