Friday, February 23, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 3/3/18 - Week 15/53 - CG5 Leads Seventh Week, UndreamedPanic, Strigidae, & Hydra Land in Top 10, & Osoch Returns

Open Up Your Eyes leads the chart for a seventh consecutive week, though it appears to have begun deflating its lead. As such, its rival Not Much to Miss holds its ground at #2; could it be the next leader? Bravery, the big arrival from last week, climbs 6-4 in its second week, posting significant gains in views to compensate for a cut in likes. Debuting in the top 10 are Hold On, here at #6 with vocals by Strigidae and instrumentation by UndreamedPanic, and Iced Coffee, a top 10 at #9 for Hydra courtesy of a feature on the Cider Party channel as an early exclusive. Also, returning last week after its abrupt dropoff is Open Up Your Eyes' metal cover by Osoch, up 20-8. Find out more past the break!

Friday, February 16, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 2/24/18 - Week 14/53 - CG5 Leads Sixth Week, Jyc Row Storms Top 10, & 4everfreebrony Enters With Rerecord

CG5 continues dominating the charts, as the song once again posts a gain week-on-week, this time up 16% and holding a 143% lead over the runner-up. However, this week it's a new challenger once more, as Not Much to Miss gains 3-2, up in overall points. The top 5 also shakes up most peculiarly as Daybreaker, the Solar Empress jumps 7-5 after multiple months out of the zone. This ends up slightly overshadowing the cause: Jyc Row's new single Bravery, off the upcoming Pillars of Equestria EP. Also along for the ride is sister song Nightmare Moon, the Lunar Queen, up 12-9, a new peak for the track (Daybreaker formerly reached #2). Finally, 4everfreebrony makes a flashy entrance once more as the new recording for Stay debuts at #10. Find out more past the break!

Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 2/17/18 - Week 13/53 - CG5 Leads Fifth Week, 4everfreebrony & EileMonty Debut, Progressive Element Climbs, & Luna Ticks Get a Late Entrance

Open Up Your Eyes' CG5 take gets a significant boost this week, leaving its opponents even more in the dust than in the past. This marks the fifth week the song has been atop the charts, after debuting in the top 10 just a month and a half ago. Its competition, however, has changed up considerably since it started leading, as Part of the Swarm (4-2) leapfrogs Not Too Late (2-5) to perhaps return to the spot it held for 4 weeks itself. In addition, debuting this week is new 4everfreebrony single Not Much to Miss, featuring the vocals of EileMonty. Could this be a future leader? We'll see perhaps in the coming weeks. Other news in the top 10 is Spellcaster jumping in 27-9 in its second frame, giving Progressive Element his first solo top 10 (his prior entry, Stars & Sky, which peaked at #2, made it to that spot thanks to an UndreamedPanic remix contributing 90% of the points on most weeks). The most unexpected thing however, especially considering we're headed into Valentine season, is the arrival of It's a Pony Kind of Christmas' cover by Luna Ticks featuring FritzyBeat and PegasYs, up 11-10. Originally released in 2016, the track has had a second life, having received a promotional video tied to an anticipated video game project that mimics the famous Guitar Hero series. Find out more past the break!

Friday, February 2, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 2/10/18 - Week 12/53 - CG5 Leads Fourth Week, GhostXb, Wubcake, & John Kenza Return to Top 10

Open Up Your Eyes leads the charts once more for a full month of reigning, having a sizable margin against all competition. However, that could change in the coming weeks, as a new contender comes into play: Extraction by GhostXb & Wubcake, which makes a massive surge in viewership this week to jump 15-3 to its new peak (its prior peak was #7). In addition, Timeless by John Kenza, carried by its VIP rerecording from this year, returns to the top 10 in an 18-10 climb. Right outside the top 10, It's a Pony Kind of Christmas by Luna Ticks jumps 20-11, once again setting a new peak for itself. For more, check past the break!

Friday, January 26, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 2/3/18 - Week 11/53 - CG5 Leads Third Week, L.M. & FritzyBeat Land New Top 10

In what ultimately amounts to a pretty weird week, our start is rather deceptively normal. Open Up Your Eyes' take by CG5 remains the top song in the fandom for a third week, and the whole top 5 is static from last week. However, where change arrives is through the bottom half, where Daybreaker, the Solar Empress (20-6) and UndreamedPanic's We're Not Flawless remix (12-9) make surges back into the zone and Time Lapse by L.M. and FritzyBeat makes a splash with a #8 debut. Find out more past the break!

EDIT: Time Lapse was initially misreported with a #63 debut due to missing data. This has been corrected and positions have been adjusted thusly.

Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 1/27/18 - Week 10/53 - CG5 Leads Second Week, Spiral Harmonies Gets Top 10 Thanks to AshleyH

Open Up Your Eyes is still the top song on the charts this week, currently thanks to the CG5 cover/remix. Though this is the artist's only stab at tackling the pony world so far, it maintains its strength entirely from the live metrics, likely boosted in proxy by other songs he has done, such as Find Da Wae just this week. The rest of the top 10 mostly shuffles this week, with the exception of One Small Thing, surging in with Spiral Harmonies' take 55-6. Boosting it to this height is a vocal cover done by AshleyH & Pinkie Rose, making this the first top 10 Spiral Harmonies has achieved that isn't related to Project Choices.

Just barely missing the top 10 is another surger: UndreamedPanic's Close Your Eyes, which features Metajoker on vocals. It jumps 86-11 thanks to an early start last week.

Find out more past the break!

Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Chart Year - 1/20/18 - Week 9/53 - CG5 Takes Top Spot, GhostXb Returns to New Peak

It's an active week on the charts, as CG5 finally ascends to the #1 spot on its 4th week. Sporting over 10,000 views and 270 likes, the track has robust support. It fends off in a close match Not Too Late, which has experienced a surge in views in voting season. Sister track The Light of Friendship recovers 10-9. The other big piece of news is for GhostXb and Wubcake, whose Extraction jumps 14-7, a new peak for the track. Find out more past the break!