Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/15/17 - Week 33/52 - Magpiepony and Jay Man Top Chart, Half of the Top 10 Cycles Out

This is quite the turbulent week: lots of new stuff in the top 10, lots of new stuff in general, and a lot of long-lasting tracks bit the dust simultaneously as the more resilient survivors still took heavy hits. At the summit lie Jay Man and Magpiepony, debuting at #1 with their new track Dream of You, inspired by the recent Perfect Pear episode. Prior, the duo peaked at #2 with the 2016 and 2017 hit I'll Keep Trying. Debuting right behind with a point total that would lead most other weeks this year, Chant of Benevolence lands at #2. The one other really noticeable top 10 ripple is Crystal Corruption re-entering at #5, a new peak. This has been prompted by a third party drawing attention to the song with a usage, finally being brought to our attention. Find out more past the break!

Note: This chart has been updated due to the lack of the inclusion of Flamethrone Legacy; this has been corrected with its placement at #14.

Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/8/17 - Week 32/52 - Einarx Lands First Topper Thanks to Remix & Compilation Album Spotlight, DJT, Xavi, & PrinceWhateverer Get New Top 10s

Ponies at Dawn has been a frequent inhabitor of these charts, bringing out multiple crowd-pleasers that dominated the vote scene and overall becoming a promo machine thanks to the Cider Party channel. However, until now, they had no #1 to their name, but that's rectified this week as Guardian by Einarx leads the Trot 100! An accidental title track to the latest album, Guardians, Einarx made a VIP (self-remix) of the track for the album, which surged in popularity with over 9,500 views and just short of 700 likes. This week in general was busy, as 2 more songs debut in the top 10 and the entire top 5 gets flushed out save for the last #1. Find out more past the break!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/1/17 - Week 31/52 - Aurelleah Lands New Topper With Daybreaker, 4everfreebrony & Jyc Row Get New Top 10s

These charts are late so let's get to the nitty gritty: we've got a new leader already! Daybreaker ascends 5-1 in its fourth week, strong off a good showing on May's Top 10 Votes video. Find out more past the break!

Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 6/24/17 - Week 30/52 - Wasteland Wailers Lead Fourth Week

In a relatively uneventful week, Wasteland Wailers' cover of On Hold leads a fourth week on the chart. The one other shakeup is that Run Away is quickly losing traction, finally taking a dip below the top 2, now down 2-3. Find out more past the break!

Friday, June 2, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 6/17/17 - Week 29/52 - Wasteland Wailers Take Third Week, 4everfreebrony lands in Top 10

Last week was a tight race, but now the stakes have calmed. Run Away takes a notable dip in points, allowing On Hold a comfortable lead as it helms a third week atop the chart. The top 4 all hold their positions, however at #5 comes a surger: Daybreaker by Aurelleah, climbing from #8 in its second week on the chart. Right behind it is Share With Me by 4everfreebrony, a new single trying to harken back to the early style of songwriting amongst the fandom. In addition to Run Away's point slide, fellow Choices single Midnight Frenzy takes a tanking down 5-8. Right outside the top 10 are 2 big singles making strides: The Learner's Paradox, hot off a new remix penned by Hay Tea and Sky Runner, re-enters at #13 (just under its original #12 peak), and Battlegrounds, the latest StealingShad3Z single, blasts in 18-12. Find out more past the break!