Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 Chart Year - 8/6/16 - Week 36/52 - Aurelleah Back to Top, Sim Gretina Back in Top 10

After the flood of music videos last week, the top 3 returns to stability, as Luna's Future (Remix), The Moon Rises, and Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix) all jump 3 positions. Last week's #1, Brony Polka, drops to #4, Twilight Sunshine Remix crashes 2-15, and Become braces 3-7. This was a quiet week for debuts, as the top debut is Morning Tea by Vylet Pony, landing outside the top 20 at #21. Find out more past the break!

Friday, July 15, 2016

2016 Chart Year - 7/30/16 - Week 35/52 - AnimatedJames Returns Brony Polka to Top for Fifth Frame, Top 3 Taken Thanks to Music Videos

After 7 weeks of relatively normal levels of activity, we get a major week of turbulence thanks to a wave of new videos. As predicted, "Brony Polka" takes #1 with 17,400 points. It was actually a close match thanks to "Twilight Sunshine Remix", promoted by LittleShyFIM (famous for the CinemareSins series) through a new PMV and landing at #2 with 16,500 points. It's actually the top song of views this week; Brony Polka gains its advantage through likes. Also re-entering near the summit is "Become", promoted through a new video by JuiceboxAlvin, reaching a new peak of #3. It was close between this and the last topper "Luna's Future" (8,900 to 8,500 points), which settles for #4. Also re-entering is "Destiny", which won Best in Show at Bronycon for its new music video. Peculiarly, it only reached #16 in this frame, which is still a new peak for the song. Only "Become" and "Destiny" can count on their original audio uploads for points since they're less than a year old. Find out more on this chart past the break!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

7/30 Forecast: "Brony Polka" to #1?!

Still from the new music video produced by Viva Reverie
Bronycon has come upon us, and with it, a wave of PMVs have arrived for a variety of legacy tracks. Among them is Brony Polka, the former 4 week #1, ready to take its fifth frame. It has already amassed over 9,100 views and 2,200 likes thanks to its brand new music video made by Viva Reverie, a surefire security for #1 as the current leader, Luna's Future (Remix), is losing points and is down to 11,000 as of last week.

Friday, July 8, 2016

2016 Chart Year - 7/23/16 - Week 34/52 - Aurelleah Atop Seven Weeks, Eurobeat Brony Debuts

Aurelleah's Luna's Future remix leads a seventh consecutive week. More notable is that The Moon Rises returns to #2, knocking Say Goodbye to the Holiday down from its peak back to #3. JoinedTheHerd's It's Gonna Work remix holds to #4 safely, while Eurobeat Brony gets his own take on Luna's Future all the way to #5. Find out more in the full chart past the break!

Friday, July 1, 2016

2016 Chart Year - 7/16/16 - Week 33/52 - Aurelleah Leads Sixth Frame, JoinedTheHerd Hits New Peak, The L-Train Back in Top 10

Aurelleah takes a sixth week atop, and microThunder continues on its tail, though in close contention with The Moon Rises. In addition, climbing to #4 is It's Gonna Work by JoinedTheHerd, after spending its first two weeks at #5. The L-Train climbs back to the top 10 11-10 after getting featured in May's Voting Top 10. Find out more past the break!