Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 1/6/18 - Week 7/53 - SayMaxWell Leads Third Week, PrinceWhateverer & microThunder Get New Top 10s

Part of the Swarm continues its domination of the charts, snagging a third week atop after it debuted in the top position. However, competition may be coming sooner rather than later: Open Up Your Eyes' cover by CG5 zooms 4-2 with a significant point boost at the same time that Part of the Swarm loses a significant amount of momentum after the remix horde last week. Will they trade places next week? Time will tell... In other news, PrinceWhateverer gets Conviction to #6 in its first frame with a feature by Sable Symphony. Apparently, the vice-versa doesn't quite pay off the same way: Sable Symphony's Rise of the Storm King, featuring PrinceWhateverer along with hit artist Osoch (whose Open Up Your Eyes cover holds at #5 this week) and Rockin'Brony, misses the Trot 100 and instead lands on the Trotting Up countdown (a list that currently is exclusive to the PonyvilleFM Discord). In addition, microThunder, riding the massive success of his Say Goodbye to the Holiday remix, gets his take on The Seeds of the Past up to #9. Find out more past the break!

Friday, December 22, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 1/3/18 - Week 6/53 - SayMaxWell Leads Second Week & CG5 Lands in Top 5

In quite the hectic week, our topper ends up even stronger than when it debuted in the spot. Part of the Swarm has a major single campaign going on right now, involving a whole remix EP comprised of 6 takes on the song, the GatoPaint remix in particular doing well. These combined give the song a 54% gain in chart points, meaning it's leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack. Among said pack, Time to Be Awesome finally takes a sharp increase in a new peak moving 5-2. However, Part of the Swarm takes a 151% lead on it, meaning it likely will not be able to ascend to the prime position. Open Up Your Eyes gets a new take from fandom outsider CG5, whose exposure to bronies sends the song up to a debut position of #4. Find out more past the break!

NOTE: It was formerly reported how mikuma ascended into the top 10. This was due to an error in tabulation and has been corrected.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Transitioning Away From Magazine-Style Dating

In accordance with Billboard's recently announced move due to their diminishing status as a magazine outlet, the Equestrian Trot 100 will have a quirk in its dating to match up the Trot 100 and main Billboard charts. Next week's chart, instead of being dated 1/6/18, shall instead be dated 1/3/18, and the following week's chart will instead be the 1/6. This means the charts shall now be dated to the Saturday after they're announced instead of 2 Saturdays later.

Friday, December 15, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 12/30/17 - Week 5/52 - SayMaxWell Gets New Topper With FritzyBeat & ForeverFreest, Lenich & Kirya Get New Top 10

SayMaxWell (formerly aliased as Sayonara Maxwell) makes his first debut under said name on the chart all the way at the top! Part of the Swarm launches at #1 off strong views and likes, above 20,000 and 2,000 respectively. This also marks the second time FritzyBeat has been credited on a #1 debut: his last appearance was under Sim Gretina and microThunder on Neigh Anything. This causes an upending of the top 5 order: the Magpiepony/Jay Man tracks stick in their hierarchy (Not Too Late remaining the bigger track handily), down a spot each, but Time to Be Awesome's Aurelleah remix holds its ground at #5, with the artist's own We're Not Flawless remix denying it a new peak by just .05%! The second half also gets a shakeup: while A Final Twilight holds for a fourth week at its peak (meaning it's spent every week of its run at #7 so far), Piano Hero, off the Raycord Legends OST, debuts at #8, and In a Rush jumps back to its #9 peak from #16. Find out more past the break!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 12/16/17 - Week 3/52 - Jay Man & Magpiepony Take New Number One, Vylet Pony Gets New Top 10

In a relatively calm week, Not Too Late makes a climb to number one after holding at #3 for 2 weeks. Tailing it is fellow Princess Trixie Sparkle song The Light of Friendship, holding at its peak of #2. In addition, the latest single from Vylet Pony, In a Rush, debuts in the top 10 at the position of #9. Find out more past the break!

Friday, November 24, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 12/9/17 - Week 2/52 - Jay Man & Magpiepony Lock Up the Top 3, 4everfreebrony Has New Top 10, GhostXb Climbs In

Magpiepony has had quite the fortuitious week: after the launch of Princess Trixie Sparkle's final episode and the entry of the two songs from it in the top 5, attention returned after a full animation for her song Dream of You (composed by Jay Man, who takes the lead credit on the charts) was made and launched on Friday. This brought the song surging back 26-1 and caused most of her other songs to recover or jump: Not Too Late holds at #3, The Light of Friendship jumps 5-2, and outside the zone, This is MY Story! bounces back 66-26 in its 15th week after having spent most of it below the top 40. However, that's not all the top 10 buzz this week: 4everfreebrony lands a new top 10 as his 2017 rerecording of his A Final Twilight cover (of fellow brony Matthew Mosier) with Giggly Maria debuts at #7. In addition, Extraction jumps 11-9 in wake of its placement in the top 10 votes of October. Find out more past the break!

Friday, November 17, 2017

2018 Chart Year - 12/2/17 - Week 1/52 - Osoch Jumps to #1, Magpiepony Gets 2 New Top 5s, Jyc Row & PrinceWhateverer Come Back to Top 10

For the first time since the movie launch, we finally have a movie-related song hit the top spot! Open Up Your Eyes' metal cover by Osoch climbs for a second week in a row, 5-4-1, now fending off the usual suspects along with some new arrivals. The finale to the Princess Trixie Sparkle radio drama brings two new songs, Not Too Late and The Light of Friendship, to the top 5 at #3 and #5 respectively. Finally, Onward, up 12-9, and Reparation, up 15-10, are back in the top 10. Almost making it this week was Extraction, up an astounding 62-11. Find out more past the break!

Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 11/25/17 - Week 52/52 - MelodicPony Holds For Fourth Nonconsecutive Week, TPressleyJ Debuts in the Top 5, dxsir Returns, Silva Hound, UndreamedPanic, & Einarx Land New Top 10s

For quite the bombastic end to the chart year, we've got quite the loaded top 10. Luna's Determination holds its ground, and it keeps A New Pair of Wings and We're Not Flawless (Remix) back at their previous spots. The 4-6 dip of Sun of the Night gives last week's debut Open Up Your Eyes (Metal) an opportunity to climb 5-4 to a new peak, and TPressleyJ takes #5 with Polar Opposition, up thanks to a self-remix promoted by Cider Party. Different Life of Guardian returns 28-7 to the top 10 off attention from the video voting for the month, and Lovin' You is So Fun!! continues its decline 6-8. Finally, we've got 2 climbers into the zone for the first time: New King, up 48-9 off both a Ponies at Dawn feature and votes good for a top 10 spot for October's crop, and SHED.MP3, up 14-10 from its debut, likely from Halloween attention. Check out more past the break!

Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 11/18/17 - Week 51/52 - MelodicPony Returns to #1, Osoch & Jyc Row Nab Top 10 Debuts

MelodicPony receives a third posthumous week at #1 on the Trot 100 as Minty Root's music video for the song Luna's Determination finally is completed. This fends off the still strong-going A New Pair of Wings, powered still by both the Magpiepony vocal edit and the original featuring Vylet Pony. There's quite a bit of other news in the top 10: Osoch nabs his first top 5 as his metal rendition of Open Up Your Eyes debuts at #5, Jyc Row grabs #8 with The Pillars of Equestria in commemoration of the season 7 finale, and he also gets Onward, which features Luna singing voice Aloma Steele, back into the top 10 in an 11-10 move. Find out more past the break!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 11/11/17 - Week 50/52 - Notion Returns to #1 Thanks to Magpiepony, Hay Tea, Age of Vinyl, & Faulty Leap in With Collab, Aurelleah Brings Back Song to Top 10

A New Pair of Wings returns to the top spot thanks to one more video, this time from the prolific Magpiepony, who did a vocal cover of the song. Thanks to this attention, her other tracks all got boosts, notably Dream of You, bounding 10-6, and Lovin' You is So Fun, up 8-5. In addition, brand new to the top 5 entirely is Reverse Rain, a collaboration between Hay Tea, Age of Vinyl, and Faulty. Promotion by way of Cider Party sends the track zooming 51-4. Aurelleah gets a consolation for being blocked from returning to #1 as his track On Wings of Moonlight recovers 12-9 to return to the zone. Finally, our leader from last week, Different Life of Guardian, takes a steep plunge 1-10. Find out more past the break!

Friday, October 20, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 11/4/17 - Week 49/52 - dxsir Leads Chart Thanks to MV, Scraton Returns With EP's Worth of Tracks, Jyc Row Goes Top 10 With Aloma Steele

After a month of no change at the top, finally we have a new leader: Different Life of Guardian by dxsir, fueled considerably by the novel MV created by killme2paza that tells a tragic story with a first-person perspective. The song prior spent 2 weeks on the chart, both in the top 10, moving 6-5 last week. Scraton (formerly known as PON3) makes a long-awaited return to the brony scene, releasing a new EP and getting every track off it to hit the chart. The biggest is actually a rerelease of Vinylicious, which re-enters the chart at #4 off 2 days of tracking. Could it go #1 again in the future? Time will tell. Finally, the top entry this week goes to Onward, featuring the second voice actress to do a brony song: Aloma Steele, the singing voice of Luna. Hopping on a track by Jyc Row, the song soars to #7. Also in the top 10 this week are Reparation, up 39-6 on its second week, and Dream of You, up 50-10 for...reasons that I don't know yet. Find out more past the break!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 10/28/17 - Week 48/52 - Aurelleah's Flawless Leads Sixth Week, Movie Gets New Non-Brony in Top 10, Jyc Row & Dynamite Grizzly debut

I think we can safely say it's happening: once again, an Aurelleah song come and remains the dominant track in the scene for an exorbitant amount of weeks. However, there's rumblings below it. The two big debuts from last week, Jyc Row's Sun of the Night and dxsir's Different Life of Guardian, both climb a rung to new peaks, 7-6 and 6-5 respectively. In addition, 3 songs debut in the top 10 zone: the highest is the #7 hit Everything Comes Natural from Dynamite Grizzly, boosted into the top 100 for the first time by a feature by Cider Party, followed by Tempest Shadow by Jyc Row at #9, high here off hype for the movie, which is the same reason #10, Rainbow by Ricardo Padua, is here, a cover by a non-brony of the breakout hit of the movie. Find out more past the break!

Friday, October 6, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 10/21/17 - Week 47/52 - Aurelleah's Flawless Leads Fifth Week, Brilliant Venture Gets Top 5, dxSir, Jyc Row, & Felicia Ferrare Get Top 10

We've got quite the busy week here on the Trot 100, folks. While Flawless remains the top song on the countdown, that could change soon, as it was almost beaten this week by A New Pair of Wings, which gained a new remix to help it out once more, which should experience a full boost next tracking week. In addition, debuting at #3 after wallowing below the top 100 in tracking, Brilliant Venture gets to the zone by way of an Aurelleah remix with his track Moving On From Yesterday. Also in the top ten this week are Different Life of Guardian at #6, a dxSir song soundtracking a first-person animation, and Sun of the Night at #7, a collaboration between Jyc Row and vocalist Felicia Farerre. Check out more past the break, because there are a total of 19 entries and a re-entry to account for!

Friday, September 29, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 10/14/17 - Week 46/52 - Aurelleah's Flawless Leads Fourth Week, Two Songs Re-Enter New to Top 10 After Rereleases

Aurelleah now takes a fourth week atop the Trot 100, but what's more notable this week are the rereleases that finally make the top 10 for the first time. First up is Wasted Your Time by ALfiux, originally released in January and pushed once more as part of the new Ponies at Dawn release (which should impact next week's charts even moreso), reaching the lofty height of #5. Next up is Maybe by ertrii, a minor single from the middle of the year boosted by a vocal cover from hitmaker FritzyBeat, shooting the song back up to #8! Find out more past the break!

Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 10/7/17 - Week 45/52 - Aurelleah's Flawless Returns to Top, loophoof, PrinceWhateverer, 4everfreebrony, & Jyc Row Head Into Top 10

After spending 2 weeks at the summit of the chart and acquiescing a week to Notion's A New Pair of Wings (down 1-2), Aurelleah's We're Not Flawless remix returns to the top for third total nonconsecutive week. In addition, a Cider Party promotion causes Would Stay by loophoof re-entering the chart at the lofty position of #5 after a debut a few weeks ago at #95. Elsewhere in the top 10, Yuugure no Kagayaki debuts at #8, Silhouette debuts at #9, and The Sphinx climbs 16-10 on its second week. Find out more past the break!

Friday, September 15, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/30/17 - Week 44/52 - Notion Leads the Trot 100 With Vylet Pony, Jyc Row Climbs Into Top 10

I wasn't sure if it was gonna happen this week or sometime in the near future, but A New Pair of Wings has indeed claimed a tight victory over We're Not Flawless (Aurelleah), aided by a remix of its own by brony artist Bluu. The only other major shakeup in the top 10 is that Don't Run Away runs off after its debut 9-23, meaning the vote aided Nightmare Moon, The Lunar Queen makes an ascension 13-10, finally breaking its old peak of #12 and giving it its first week in the zone. Find out more past the break!

Friday, September 8, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/23/17 - Week 43/52 - Aurelleah Takes Second Week With Remix, 4everfreebrony Debuts and Returns

Not much to say this week except Notion is coming. What week? I'm not sure, but for now We're Not Flawless by Aurelleah keeps A New Pair of Wings at bay as it surges 6-2. Find out more past the break!

New Weighting Change to Retroactively Apply: Promotional Track Point Caps

Already in place are systems that promote variety by weighing against songs in rungs of the top 40 and permanent weighting against music video songs. However, one thing that wasn't dealt with well was the attack of songs that had third party benefits and were thus getting massive-point weeks but not through music videos. Such examples include songs that use instrumentals from the public domain (a recent example being Dream of You) and songs that are pegged for another major project but released solo as regular tracks (current year-end leaders Midnight Frenzy and Run Away being the main culprits this year). As of today, two new rules are being introduced to the fold regarding such weighting:

  • Songs without music videos but with third party support that go significantly over 10,000 points in a single week will be temporarily treated the same as music videos for applicable weeks.
  • Songs with music videos, while in the beginning weight-up period, will have their permanent weighing against settled on the weight-up period has concluded, meaning they can be lightened in those first few weeks.
These changes have been applied to the internal database, and have resulted in the following major rank change:

  • Dream of You debuted at #2, not #1, leading Chant of Benevolence to debut at #1 in its stead.
For full disclosure, the reason this change was pursued was threefold: one, the Project Choices songs have absurd leads on everything else on the year-end along with Dream of You (5:1, 4:1, and 3:2 respectively on the brunt of the rest of the year-end entries), Dream of You's 5-week stint atop the charts this summer, and A New Pair of Wings meteoric start getting it a 6th-power weight against it on week one, which would cause it to plummet even if it did well afterwards.

The new chart for this week will have these rules already applied and should be prepared by tomorrow!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/16/17 - Week 42/52 - Aurelleah Leads With Different We're Not Flawless Remix, Notion Debuts Megasmash With Vylet Pony

In the music sphere, a remix of We're Not Flawless gets usurped by a different remix of it, as the remixing artists trading hands are UndreamedPanic and Aurelleah. However, outside of strictly music, we have one big debut this week: A New Pair of Wings by Notion featuring Vylet Pony, flying in at #6. As a music video was the cause of virality, it suffers big time from current music video weights, but it could still end up challenging for #1 on a later week.

Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 9/9/17 - Week 41/52 - UndreamedPanic Lands First Topper, Aurelleah, PrinceWhateverer, & 4everfreebrony Debut, and Enermatrix Surges

The chart is utter chaos this week: our top 3 is locked up with 3 different remixes of the new show tune We're Not Flawless, with UndreamedPanic's version in the pole position after debuting at #3 last week behind Dance Magic (the track falls 1-33 this week as most of its promotion by Cider Party ended up frontloading) and Lovin' You is So Fun! (down 2-9). Debuting his new remix at a strong #2 with over 1,500 likes and 19,000 views is Aurelleah. Meanwhile, Enermatrix's remix, which started last week at an innocuous #27, surges up to #3, giving him his career peak. The top 6 all got new peaks this week, with Aurelleah's You're in My Head[...] remix jumping 9-4 in its third week, PrinceWhateverer's remake of Constellations debuting at #5 (outpeaking the original track from 2014, which did not make it to the top 10), and Sometimes by 4everfreebrony with Aviators landing at #6. Find out more past the break!

Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 8/26/17 - Week 39/52 - Magpiepony & Jay Man lead Fifth Week, Mantlegen Has First Top 10, 4everfreebrony & Aurelleah Debut

In a busy week everywhere except the top of the chart, Dream of You continues its dominance, though at a vulnerably low amount of chart points. Aurelleah has a good week, both debuting his new remix of You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song at #6 and sending his new original On Wings of Moonlight all the way up to #2, up from its #5 debut last week. 4everfreebrony is no slouch either, debuting Hello at #5 and recovering Chant of Benevolence 4-3. False Crown, off its win on the July polls, surges back 12-4, its original peak. Finally, debuting in the top 10 for the first time is Mantlegen, landing Fly In at #8. Find out more past the break!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 8/19/17 - Week 38/52 - Magpiepony & Jay Man lead Fourth Week, 4everfreebrony Surges, Aurelleah & Vylet Debut

It's quite the busy week on the charts, though not at the pole position, which is once again led by Dream Of You, now in its fourth nonconsecutive (and second consecutive) week atop, once again with under 3,500 chart points. It's possible the return of Season 7 could cause it to resurge since The Perfect Pear will get its proper USA airing, or maybe some new song based on the episode (or even one of the other contenders from earlier on) could come and steal away the spotlight. Regardless, where things get interesting is with the #2 slot, taken up this week by Thought I'd Let You Know by 4everfreebrony, up all the way from #25 after its re-entry. Boasting a new music video, the song's still only strong enough to barely miss 2,000 points however. Elsewhere in the top 10 are debuts from Aurelleah and Vylet, each bringing performers their first top 10s: in Aurelleah's case, On Wings of Moonlight marks both the chart debuts and top 10 debuts of featured artists 1004Lights and Megan McDuffee, while for Vylet Pony, OMNI is his featured buddy. Find out more past the break!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 8/12/17 - Week 37/52 - Dream of You Returns for Third Frame, PrinceWhateverer Debuts and Silva Hound Debuts *and* Climbs

Dream of You returns to the leading spot for a third nonconsecutive week. It initially led for 2 weeks off its debut. Pointwise, however, it's considerably weaker, meaning something new could easily take over in the next week or two. Say for example Daybreaker, the Solar Empress, up 3-2 and coasting with about consistent point levels. Further down the top 10, our top debut comes from PrinceWhateverer with his new track False Crown landing at #4. His track Resilience stumbles a bit 5-7. Such is not the case for Silva Hound, who nabs both a top 10 debut with Sound of the Summer (#8), but also gets a track newly into the top 10 with Battle Horns (12-10). Find out more past the break!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 8/5/17 - Week 36/52 - Vylet Leads Second Frame

No description because I need sleep, but The Watcher leads and Jyc's Luna's Future remix is back in the top 10. Find out more past the break!

Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/29/17 - Week 35/52 - Vylet Tops Chart For First Time, Karen Warren Gets First Top 10 Thanks to Jyc Row & WoodLore

The Watcher, which debuted last week at #5, makes a great surge this week to the top of the chart, granting Vylet Pony his first chart topper ever. This also adds to the accolades of the featured acts: this is Silva Hound's fourth leader (after Wild Fire and Come Alive in 2015 and Egomania in 2016) and Lavender Harmony's second (Come Alive's second week in 2016 had Lavender's remix as part of the tracking). The rest of the top 10 mostly just shifts, except for the tail spot: Flamethrone Legacy, the top voted song of June, surges in 20-10, giving Karen Warren her first top 10 appearance on the chart as a featured act. Find out more past the break, including where The Watcher ends up on our brand new Summer Songs chart!

Friday, July 7, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/22/17 - Week 34/52 - Magpiepony and Jay Man Lead Second Week, Vylet Pony and Aviators Nab New Top 10s

Dream of You leads for a second frame, having cooled down considerably after episode hype but still rocking over 4,000 chart points. Hot on its tail is the rapidly rising Daybreaker, the Solar Empress from Jyc Row, which more than doubled its points this week to rise over 3,300. Also new this week is The Watcher at #5, a massive music video project involving the talents of multiple musicians, including Vylet Pony, Silva Hound, and Lavender Harmony, and House of Glass at #6, a different take on the track by legacy brony musician Aviators. 4everfreebrony also released a new recording of the track this week, landing at #11. Find out more past the break!

Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/15/17 - Week 33/52 - Magpiepony and Jay Man Top Chart, Half of the Top 10 Cycles Out

This is quite the turbulent week: lots of new stuff in the top 10, lots of new stuff in general, and a lot of long-lasting tracks bit the dust simultaneously as the more resilient survivors still took heavy hits. At the summit lie Jay Man and Magpiepony, debuting at #1 with their new track Dream of You, inspired by the recent Perfect Pear episode. Prior, the duo peaked at #2 with the 2016 and 2017 hit I'll Keep Trying. Debuting right behind with a point total that would lead most other weeks this year, Chant of Benevolence lands at #2. The one other really noticeable top 10 ripple is Crystal Corruption re-entering at #5, a new peak. This has been prompted by a third party drawing attention to the song with a usage, finally being brought to our attention. Find out more past the break!

Note: This chart has been updated due to the lack of the inclusion of Flamethrone Legacy; this has been corrected with its placement at #14.

Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/8/17 - Week 32/52 - Einarx Lands First Topper Thanks to Remix & Compilation Album Spotlight, DJT, Xavi, & PrinceWhateverer Get New Top 10s

Ponies at Dawn has been a frequent inhabitor of these charts, bringing out multiple crowd-pleasers that dominated the vote scene and overall becoming a promo machine thanks to the Cider Party channel. However, until now, they had no #1 to their name, but that's rectified this week as Guardian by Einarx leads the Trot 100! An accidental title track to the latest album, Guardians, Einarx made a VIP (self-remix) of the track for the album, which surged in popularity with over 9,500 views and just short of 700 likes. This week in general was busy, as 2 more songs debut in the top 10 and the entire top 5 gets flushed out save for the last #1. Find out more past the break!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 7/1/17 - Week 31/52 - Aurelleah Lands New Topper With Daybreaker, 4everfreebrony & Jyc Row Get New Top 10s

These charts are late so let's get to the nitty gritty: we've got a new leader already! Daybreaker ascends 5-1 in its fourth week, strong off a good showing on May's Top 10 Votes video. Find out more past the break!

Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 6/24/17 - Week 30/52 - Wasteland Wailers Lead Fourth Week

In a relatively uneventful week, Wasteland Wailers' cover of On Hold leads a fourth week on the chart. The one other shakeup is that Run Away is quickly losing traction, finally taking a dip below the top 2, now down 2-3. Find out more past the break!

Friday, June 2, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 6/17/17 - Week 29/52 - Wasteland Wailers Take Third Week, 4everfreebrony lands in Top 10

Last week was a tight race, but now the stakes have calmed. Run Away takes a notable dip in points, allowing On Hold a comfortable lead as it helms a third week atop the chart. The top 4 all hold their positions, however at #5 comes a surger: Daybreaker by Aurelleah, climbing from #8 in its second week on the chart. Right behind it is Share With Me by 4everfreebrony, a new single trying to harken back to the early style of songwriting amongst the fandom. In addition to Run Away's point slide, fellow Choices single Midnight Frenzy takes a tanking down 5-8. Right outside the top 10 are 2 big singles making strides: The Learner's Paradox, hot off a new remix penned by Hay Tea and Sky Runner, re-enters at #13 (just under its original #12 peak), and Battlegrounds, the latest StealingShad3Z single, blasts in 18-12. Find out more past the break!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 6/3/17 - Week 27/52 - Wasteland Wailers Land First Topper, NekoWolf Gets First Top 10 With Exiark

After 14 weeks dominated by a single artist, we finally have a new leader on the Trot 100! On Hold, a cover of YourEnigma's 2014 smash hit by Wasteland Wailers with Brittany Church, takes over the chart in a 3-1 move. In addition, the Russian folk cover of Pinkie's Brew hits a new peak of #7 in its return to the zone along with the arrival of Exiark & NekoWolf thanks to the new track Shards of Darkness. Find out more past the break!

Friday, May 5, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 5/20/17 - Week 25/52 - Run Away Leads Ninth Week, 4 New Top 10s...Deja Vu

Notion continues to land in the zone with 2 new top 10s, and the duo of Lenich & Kirya and Wasteland Wailers also get top 10 debuts. Find out more past the break!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 4/15/17 - Week 20/52 - Run Away Leads Fourth Week

Run Away continues leading, though its advantage is slowly beginning to cool down, especially as Project Choices hype dies down. Compared to 800 likes and 30,000 views last week, this song only touts 550 likes and 25,000 views this week. In addition, we've got a brand new top 10: Tempora's Requiem. Launching at #7, this song gets an early start thanks to cross-promotion with the popular comic series Timey Wimey. Find out more past the break!

Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 4/8/17 - Week 19/52 - Run Away Leads Third Week

This was a slow week, even in comparison to other slow weeks. To put in perspective, the #100 song this week racks up a bit under 80 points; usually the number's closer to 100, maybe 120. In any case, Run Away runs away with the crown for a third straight week, though I do note that its point totals appear to staggering a little faster. In fact, that's true for the whole Project Choices crew, namely the first track Trust in Me Child (which drops off the chart entirely), First Flight (down 3-4, swapping places with From the Ashes), and Midnight Frenzy, which is already down to 4,500 points per week. Could this be due to the hype dying thanks to a confirmation that the animation project shall not be pursued? Maybe! Time will tell and we'll see if the tracks drop positions like a rock next week. Otherwise, there's nothing new in the top 10, though two songs reach new peaks: Just Me climbs 10-8 and Just a Game notches up 7-5. Find out more past the break!

Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 4/1/17 - Week 18/52 - Run Away Leads Second Week, Vocal Score & Scarlet Harmony Hit Top 10

Run Away continues its dominance, actually ending up bigger than it was last week, almost doubling its points this week, this time with a bigger slant towards views than likes. It keeps 4-week leader Midnight Frenzy at bay handily, and now a third Project Choices song joins them (First Flight, 6-3) to lock up the whole top 3! Lower down in the top 10, we have a new peaker: Awoken climbs 10-8. Also, there's a brand new top 10: Just Me is up 20-10, after peaking at #12 upon its debut. Find out more past the break!

Friday, February 24, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 3/11/17 - Week 15/52 - Spiral Harmonies Leads for a Third Week Along With WeimTime's Runner-Up Re-Entry, Aurelleah, PrinceWhateverer, Vylet Pony & Jyc Row Get New Top 10s

Like last week, Project Choices hype is in the air. Midnight Frenzy leads for a third straight week following its debut, though it's down this week to about 10,000 points from 26,000. It's joined this week by a familiar face: Trust in Me, Child re-enters the chart at the runner-up slot following a new WIP for Project Choices (which counts for the song's streaming because it is the only song featured). Another familiar face is PrinceWhateverer, whose rerecord of Between Fairy Tales and Happy Endings enters the chart at a healthy #3. This week in general was rather active for the top 10, with three songs returning (Trust as mentioned, You & Me, up 12-8, and Say Goodbye to the Holiday's microThunder remix, up 11-10) and three songs making their first appearances (Between as mentioned, Out of Your Mind at #6 by Vylet Pony and Lyde, and Friendship is Epic by Jyc Row, up 47-9). Find out more past the break!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 3/4/17 - Week 14/52 - Spiral Harmonies Leads a Second Week and Takes the Year-End

Midnight Frenzy leads for a second week amid Project Choices hype that also brings First Flight back to the top 10 (19-6, after climbing from #48 last week). Also, fueled by new versions, Peppermint (with a remix by Silva Hound) and Here on the Moon (covered by Pinkie Rose) re-enter at #2 and #3 respectively, new peaks for both. Also, 4everfreebrony gets a new track on the chart at #8 with Just a Game and The Blob Symphony returns thanks to a VIP remix at #7 (it previously peaked at #5 in both 2014 and 2015). Find out more past the break!

Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 2/25/17 - Week 13/52 - Duo Cartoonist Brings Third Act to No. 1, 4 Other New Top 10s

We've got another active week on the chart, with a whopping 5 songs brand new to the top 10! Biggest by a long stretch (it has 900% more points than the #2) is Midnight Frenzy by Spiral Harmonies with the vocals of PK Emi. Part of the Choices series (which previously had toppers on the chart with WeimTime LLC's Trust in Me, Child and KC.Guzman's First Flight, the latter of which jumps 48-19 this week), this is a first appearance on the chart at all for both artists! Continuing the trend of remixes prompting high re-entries, the VIP version of StrachAttack's Mustache Ride gives the artist his new career peak as the song re-enters at the lofty place of #3! Also present this week is a continuation of the Stellae Key series with Et Les Toilles Chantent, which is the highest peaking of the 4 songs at #5. The last two debuts are Bang Out at #7 from the duo of Vylet Pony and Silva Hound and Twi's Light, The L-Train latest single featuring FenPony, landing at #10. Check out more past the break!

Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 2/11/17 - Week 11/52 - Luna's Future Leads for 20th Week, Loads of New Top 10s

Luna's Future returns to the summit for a 20th week, its first time in 2017. Competition hasn't been very stiff for the past few weeks, so it was basically a question of when big debuts would dry up for when it would retake the crown, as it was lurking in the top 3 for the past few months. This period of low activity has however led to what has happened to happen big, and indeed we have 4 brand new top 10s this week! First up is Stars & Sky, a first for Progressive Element, boosted by a remix by UndreamedPanic, landing in the runner-up slot. In a quick side note for the one returning top 10, You & Me rebounds hard 11-5 after peaking at #3 2 weeks ago. A Changeling Can Change (JoinedTheHerd) is a new top 10 for the artist, jumping 23-7. Empire Past returns to the chart at a brand new peak thanks to the support of not just one (PVNK) but 2 remixes (UndreamedPanic). Finally, Sun and Moon, after peaking at #12, hits a new height in jumping 21-9 thanks to the power of votes kicking in. Find out more past the break!

Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 2/4/17 - Week 10/52 - Luna Jax Gets First Topper, Kadenza & Zero Get First Top 10

Back to You comes back to the Trot 100 in gusto, as it re-enters the chart at #1 this week! Luna Jax finally gets not only his first top 10 but also his first #1. This is also 4everfreebrony's second top 10, as he features on the track; the last time he appeared on the top was as one of three features on SlyphStorm's Soldiers of the Night. In the rest of the top 10, the biggest news is Kadenza and Zero hitting the top 10 in their latest collab called Chaos. Find out more past the break!

UPDATE: Little Dreams originally did not count all eligible remixes for its re-entry. It has been corrected and it now thus re-enters at #7, a new peak and the first time it's made it to the top 10! Also, there was an error calculating Horse Christmas' point total.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 1/28/17 - Week 9/52 - Come Alive Leads a Consecutive Frame, Fourth Total, While Three Songs Make Top 10

Come Alive keeps strong this week as it leads the Trot 100 for a fourth nonconsecutive frame. Notably, this is the first time it's strung multiple weeks on top in a run (It led one week each in 2015 and 2016 prior to this current streak). Meanwhile, the top 5 heats up with 2 brand new entries: Foozogz gets another song to #3 with You & Me (he previously debuted in that slot in 2016 with Acceptance), while DJT & ExplodingPonyToast make it to the top 10 for the first time with Sugar Shy. Right outside that zone, WoodLore gets a new top 10 with My Sweet Peace, finally re-entering thanks to a remix by Jyc Row, which ended up getting the most votes in the recent poll for December songs. Find out more past the break!

UPDATE: Due to an error in calculating the point total for Horse Christmas, the chart has had a slight change.

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 1/21/17 - Week 8/52 - Silva Hound Tops a Third Time With Come Alive, 4everfreebrony Jumps, & WeimTime Returns

After re-entering last week in the runner up slot, Come Alive now tops the chart on a relatively low activity week. This means that in each phase of its music video's development, it has led the chart for one week. Incidentally, it's qualified for the running year-end, so it looks like it has a good chance to land on a third year-end after making it to 2015 and 2016. Close behind is Hoping, which zooms to #2 from right outside the top 10 at #11 thanks to a new piano version of the track with the current vocals, resembling the original 2015 release of the song. My Only Friends by 4everfreebrony also jumps 9-5, a new peak, and Smell the Roses recovers 10-7. The last nugget of big news is that Trust in Me, Child heads back into the zone, up 13-6. With a major project on the way soon, it could be poised to gain even further (it's already the top song of the year on the running year-end). Find out more past the break!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Chart Year - 1/14/17 - Week 7/52 - Jyc Row & Francis Vace Nab First Number One, Silva Hound Returns

In quite the surprising event (even for the main artist himself), Celestial Berserkers has received a flurry of attention, leading to a massive boost in likes and views allowing the track to zoom from near the bottom of the top 40 all the way to the top! It was big enough to fend off the third run of Come Alive, potentially its last since it's off the final music video made for it (the previous bouts at the top were thanks to works in progress). In further news for the duo, their other tracks Warriors of Griffonstone also hits the top 10 for the first time, jumping 40-4. Find out more past the break!