Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 Chart Year - 1/9/16 - Week 6/52 - Prototype Returns to Summit, Foozogz Debuts

Prototype proves that it will not be held down even more than a half a year past release, landing itself an eleventh week on top of the Trot 100, with last week's champ The Spectacle beginning to tail. In addition, Aurelleah makes the top 10 again along with a new entry from Foozogz

Saturday, December 19, 2015

2016 Chart Year - 1/2/16 - Week 5/52 - Delta Brony Commands Second Week, Wasteland Wailers Land Two Debuts

Delta Brony dominates for a second week with The Spectacle, boosting even more gains than last week. In addition, a track more than 5 months old finally lands in the top 10 and Wasteland Wailers impact the chart with two more debuts.

Check this post out for not only news on the number one performance and top 10 stats, but also a look at the new votes for November 2015, exclusively debuted here!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

2016 Chart Year - 12/26/15 - Week 4/52 - Delta Brony Leads with The Spectacle

We've got an artist finally getting his first Trot 100 #1! Delta Brony, well known for his eurobeat remixes of songs and his mashups of pony tracks with video game songs, finally lands a mammoth hit with The Spectacle (Remix). What's especially notable about this crowning is that it was not a debut and done deal: It started out two weeks ago at #5, climbed the following week to #4 despite lowering buzz because of the episode wearing off, and now crowns on its third week as we enter the hiatus. Want more details, including a breakdown of how the #1 did specifically, the top 10, other highlights, and current projections for the 2016 year end? Check past the break!

Friday, December 11, 2015

2016 Chart Year - 12/19/15 - Week 3/52 - BLACKGRYPH0N & Michelle Creber Top the End of the Season with a Beginning

So, the season has now concluded, and (possibly?) by coincidence, BLACKGRYPH0N & Michelle Creber (with Baasik on production) have launched a second original track, this one acting as promo for their collaboration album. It's called Equality, and it specifically focuses on the season opener. It launches with 25,750 views and 2,025 likes, crushing the nearest competition by almost 200%. Wanna see more? Well, head past the break for a summary of the top 10 and other notables!

2016 Chart Year - 12/12/15 - Week 2/52 - The Magic Inside (I Am Just a Pony) Leads for the First Time Following Episode

So, The Mane Attraction had its first full week of impressions, so can you guess what happened this week on the chart? That's right...we got a second flurry of I'll Fly remixes! Actually, it's what you'd expect: a ton of remixes of The Magic Inside (initially speculated to be called I Am Just a Pony) debut this week and they debut big! The largest is not a debut, however, but the instrumental that was released after the animatic, produced by BassBeastJD. Thanks to 4 versions in total contributing to its points, it gets significant boosts in all of them that propel it to a strong #1 slot! Find out more of the top 10 and other news past the break.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

2016 Chart Year - 12/5/15 - Week 1/52 - Prototype Holds Lead

So, we're now entering the third chart year for this chart (second under this name), and now that we start anew, it's time for rebalancing!