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2016 Chart Year - 12/26/15 - Week 4/52 - Delta Brony Leads with The Spectacle

We've got an artist finally getting his first Trot 100 #1! Delta Brony, well known for his eurobeat remixes of songs and his mashups of pony tracks with video game songs, finally lands a mammoth hit with The Spectacle (Remix). What's especially notable about this crowning is that it was not a debut and done deal: It started out two weeks ago at #5, climbed the following week to #4 despite lowering buzz because of the episode wearing off, and now crowns on its third week as we enter the hiatus. Want more details, including a breakdown of how the #1 did specifically, the top 10, other highlights, and current projections for the 2016 year end? Check past the break!

Here's a breakdown for The Spectacle (Remix):

  • Now, it climbed 5-4-1 in position, but it did drop in points on its second week. However, this was the case across the board, as only 5 non-debuts bulleted last week. In any case, it pulled in ~7,400 points this week, beating last week (~4,100) by 80% and the debut (~5,050) by 46%.
  • On the views chart, it likewise jumps 5-4-1, but here the second week dropoff was rather tiny. Week 1 had it pull 10,600 views, the second nabbed 10,500, and this week resulted in the jackpot of 22,400 views.
  • Meanwhile on the likes chart, it's been a more indicative 2-3-2 position move. It started out with 600 likes, dropped the next week to 370 likes, and recovered this week to 450 likes. Note that most songs get a peak in likes upon their debut unless they get concentrated promotion.
  • The song is not on the votes chart yet. As it was released late November, we'll see whether the votes revealed next week (or the one after) include it in the top 10.
...but we're not just here for one song. Bring on the position highlights!

01 - 04 - Delta Brony - The Spectacle (Remix) [1st week at #1]
02 - 03 - Glaze - Prototype (VIP)
03 - 02 - BLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber - Getting Stronger
04 - 01 - BLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber - Equality
05 - NE - YourEnigma feat. EileMonty - Are We Insane?
06 - 06 - Sim Gretina - The Pony I Want to Be (Remix)
07 - 10 - Sayonara Maxwell - Light of Your Cutie Mark (Remix)
08 - 22 - Silva Hound feat. Eurobeat Brony - Come Alive
09 - 05 - BassBeastJD - The Magic Inside (I Am Just a Pony)
10 - 08 - JoinedTheHerd v.s. iblank2apples - The Magic Inside (I Am Just a Pony)
11 - 50 - Silva Hound - Diamonds

14 - NE - SlyphStorm - Nebula Skater

18 - NE - FlightRush - The Spectacle (RVZZLE DVZZLE Remix)
19 - 09 - JoinedTheHerd - Friends are Always There for You (Remix)

21 - NE - REDD - The Spectacle (Remix)

29 - NE - Reverbrony feat. Liquid Harmony - Lost in Ley Lines
30 - NE - SandJosieph feat. Lanovran & SiminaCandy - Daddy Discord

33 - NE - Vylet Pony - Sunset

36 - 07 - 4everfreebrony feat. Joaftheloaf & Relative|Pitch - Without Me

In addition, there are a few songs for which I have extra info:

No. 8, Come Alive and No. 11, Diamonds: These two received new remixes that bolstered their positions thanks to promotional efforts of Silva Hound to draw interest in remix albums for the two hit singles. The big point drivers respectively were from Lavender Harmony and Taps.

No. 14, Nebula Skater and No. 36, Without Me: While this is a relatively small start for a SlyphStorm single, a top 20 launch is rather good for a song that is more than 1 and a half years old. It was originally part of Pink Side of the Moon, 4everfreebrony's concept album with guest stars and spawned hit singles Here on the Moon (No. 8, 2014; Year-End #21) and Without Me, which peaked last week.

No. 30, Daddy Discord: This classic track received a new CGI PMV that brought attention back to the song. All points derive only from the video.

No. 69, Awesome as I Wanna Be (Dubstep): This track, though it falls from its No. 66 debut last week, is doing rather well for a song prompted by a video. Originally featured by jillboard in a (now deleted) promotional video, it finally entered the Trot 100 after being unspotlighted in its initial run early in 2015.

Finally, to end this meaty article, here's a monthly featuring going over songs easily likely to make the year-end with their current cumulative rank. Each month, more positions will be unveiled until you get a full 100 in November!

#1: PROTOTYPE (VIP), Glaze
#2: GETTING STRONGER, BLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber
#3: EQUALITY, BLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber
#4: THE SPECTACLE (REMIX), Delta Brony

See you next week, provided finals and travel don't impede too badly!

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