Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2/13 Forecast: Aoshi and Rina-chan Poised for First No. 1

Aoshi, having cycled away from the mainstream of brony music in recent years, could be proxied right back into the limelight thanks to upcoming chart success. His song "FluttERR", a collaboration with Rina-chan and released first on Four's Fall Down, then added to solo album Inizholyze in 2013, could finally get its chance to enter the Trot 100 all the way at the top!

This is thanks to a new music video released by Skill Draw, a brony animator who gained major fame (and millions of views) off of humanized animations of the music video for Fluttershy's Lament and BLACKGRYPH0N's Ponylicious series. The music video, once again in the humanized style and having a humanized Spike standing in for Aoshi, stands at ~19,500 views and ~1,600 likes as of this writing, good for 11,000 points at the moment, more than double of the No. 1 last week. Will something come along to overthrow it at the last minute? Even if that happens, it's safe to say we'll have a brand new No. 1 on the charts this Friday!

Stay tuned for the article with the final data over the weekend.

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