Thursday, July 14, 2016

7/30 Forecast: "Brony Polka" to #1?!

Still from the new music video produced by Viva Reverie
Bronycon has come upon us, and with it, a wave of PMVs have arrived for a variety of legacy tracks. Among them is Brony Polka, the former 4 week #1, ready to take its fifth frame. It has already amassed over 9,100 views and 2,200 likes thanks to its brand new music video made by Viva Reverie, a surefire security for #1 as the current leader, Luna's Future (Remix), is losing points and is down to 11,000 as of last week.

Also, there are several music videos released around this time prompting several songs to re-enter:

Italics indicates song is only eligible to gain points from music video

Become / Metajoker & Respin
Brony Polka / AnimatedJames
Destiny / MathematicPony
Twilight Sunshine Remix / oodorato2

Final results will be tabulated Friday!

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