Tuesday, August 30, 2016

9/17 Forecast: The Moon Rises Returning to #1?

Still from the work-in-progress video by Duo Cartoonist
It appears that this week is a shoo-in for Ponyphonic to return to number one for a fourth total week with The Moon Rises. It's had quite the turbulent year: first with a instrumental for a brand new remaster of the track being revealed right on New Year's Eve by Duo Cartoonist, then with that remaster paying off with new vocals by Kristen Calvin, and now with the originally planned version that featured EileMonty being released a few days ago. Already, both versions have amassed enough points to topple the current leader, Aurelleah's remix of Luna's Future:

  • Kristen Calvin Version: 9,500 views + 160 likes = 3,050 pts.
  • EileMonty Version: 15,000 views + 2,850 likes = 15,000 pts.
  • Luna's Future: 10,000 + 125 likes = 3,000 pts.
This will also definitely affect the year-end gap between the two tracks. Currently, they are separated by 2,000 points and total over 170,000 each. However, even if this is the only week the video affects the chart (and it won't), it'll increase the gap between the two amply: final forecasts for the week are 30,000 for The Moon Rises and 8,000 for Luna's Future, so a gap of 24-25,000 between the two songs to determine the leader of the year-end will be an ample challenge to close in the 10 weeks remaining for the chart year.

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