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2016 Chart Year - 10/29/16 - Week 48/52 - Aurelleah Returns to Top Amid Re-Entry to Top 10, 4 Debuts in Zone

Aurelleah's back to the top slot with Luna's Future, but that's not the interesting. No, the cool thing is how it got back. Remember Warm Winds? Probably not: it was a minor instrumental non-hit that lasted 3 weeks back in December. Well, now it's back in full-force thanks to a proper vocal version featuring Wubcake, re-entering the charts at a new peak of No. 5! Along with Luna getting a point boost, fellow single Midnight Lament jumps back into the top ten, landing at No. 9 this week. This week is also host to a bevy of debuts, conveniently all spaced 2 places apart: Forest Rain's cover of A Changeling Can Change (No. 4), Foozogz' new remix of Derby Racers (No. 6), quite the late entry as it debuted on Thursday, General Mumble's annual Halloween frights emblemized by Death in the Treetops (No. 8), a corruption of Music in the Treetops, and a megacollab helmed by Vylet Pony entitled Like Me (No. 10). Find out more past the break!

Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah11222
The Midnight in Me (Remix)Notion2112
Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix)microThunder32522
A Changeling Can ChangeForest Rain441
Warm WindsAurelleah feat. Wubcake554
Derby Racers (HYPERDRIVE MiX)Foozogz661
Bound With Time4everfreebrony v.s. Synthis7332
Death in the TreetopsGeneral Mumble881
Midnight LamentAurelleah feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle951420
Like MeVylet Pony feat. YourEnigma, Tsukii, Sights Unseen, & Silva Hound10101
Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime feat. REV11176
It's Gonna Work (Remix)JoinedTheHerd1241218
Life Still Left in MeExiark & Chi-Chi1313315
You Are WonderfulOhPonyBoy14442
First FlightKC.Guzman feat. Megaphoric15163
Warriors of GriffinstoneJyc Row, Francis Vace, & WoodLore16161
Our Sweet Little Flurry (Flurry Heart's Lullaby)Kevin MacLeod feat. Magpiepony & WildCardVA181922
Spectacular (The Spectacle)Prince Whateverer2011025
EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N v.s. Vylet Pony or Aviators2131718
Celestial BerserkersJyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept22221
Luna's Future (Remix)Spectra2382319
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo24486
Half Beast (2016)GatoPaint25251
Fall of an EmpireThe L-Train & Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra2622220
Ponyville 2016TIX & The Possy Project2712128
GhostieJastrian & Fritzy Beat299193
Here We AreBLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber3012830
So LongPrinceWhateverer feat. Wubcake & NRGpony313257
New DawnNicolas Dominique32321
MirrorIce Gaze33331
The Moon RisesPonyphonic feat. Kristen Calvin or EileMonty3413426
A Place That We Call HomePrinceWhateverer feat. CookieSoup353153
RunSilver Note36361
(My Life as a) Teenage WonderboltPrzewalski's Ponies3737392
Clear SkiesUndreamedPanic3816305
We Will Stand for Everfree (Euro Gaia)Delta Brony feat. Tarama Fritz4113132
Noctem AeternaElias Frost42421
Dare MasterWasteland Wailers feat. Brittany Church433329
PeppermintDJT feat. Puffy44441
FalterCrystal Slave45451
The Blob Pad!OhPonyBoy4662619
Pretty GirlVylet Pony feat. Cadie479354
Get DirtyAJ Young4816162
Empire Pastbank pain4941412
V!besKawaii Dash50501
Autumn LeavesProtocat & Hay Tea51511
We Will Stand for Everfree (Piano)Matías Peñaloza52521
Raise This Barn (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell & MiatriSs532406
Blank FlankVylet Pony feat. Kyunn, Sights Unseen, & Cadie5411112
Among the StarsThatMusicBrony56561
I'll Keep TryingJay Man feat. Magpiepony5723819
The Spectacle (Remix)StrachAttack58184910
Luna's Future (Remix)GhostXb6024514
Twilight SaysIntersekt61611
ResumeHay Tea6252522
Fire of a DaydreamJyc Row feat. Skyline64215510
Radio MareBrilliant Venture65651
Come With MeVocal Score Pony with Scarlet Harmony66125810
H O R S E P A R T YPVNK v.s. R3CTIFIER6710335
You Know Wellertrii69691
Great UnknownVylet Pony7021615
MistressVylet Pony feat. Chi-Chi & XAVI718433
Midnight in MeElias Frost7245452
A Changeling Can Change (Remix)UndreamedPanic7317628
Horseing AroundGROskAr & NextLevelDerp7418182
Undead PoniesProgressive Element76373
Island of CloudsUndreamedPanic feat. Even Skies77216714
RegretLuna Jax78286416
Acid TrapBudzy x UndreamedPanic7916606
Legend of EverfreeElias Frost8018543
We Will Stand for EverfreeSkypaw8147472
Under Our Spell (Finnish Folk)Elias Frost8226595
Hooves Up in the Air174UDSI feat. Truss83247014
Stars & SkyProgressive Element84841
Rainbow Factory (Orchestral)WeimTime8547510
Legend You are Meant to Be (Remix)Segments of Life8683832
Luna's Future (Euro Cast Mix)Eurobeat Brony8758015
Morning TeaVylet Pony88217213
Future (What are the Odds)4everfreebrony v.s. Spectra8976912
A Changeling Can Change (Remix)Einarx92921
I Can Do it On My Own (Remix)JoinedTheHerd93147319
The Last BattleUndreamedPanic94256616
Land of EquestriaJyc Row9527272
InsaneSynthis feat. Sora96187819
BarcarolleSonic Hooves97971
"7 AM"The Midnight Musician98981
Let's Go TogetherGhostXb99991

The year-end's at 92 positions. Only a month left in the chart year! I'm excited! Are you excited? Luna's Future, thanks to the point, is now well on pace to beat out The Moon Rises within the month, as it is now only 20,000 points away.

The Moon RisesPonyphonic feat. Kristen Calvin or EileMonty1
Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah2
The Spectacle (Remix)Delta Brony3
Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix)microThunder4
Getting StrongerBLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber5
FluttERRAoshi feat. Rina-chan6
Ponyville 2016TIX & The Possy Project7
Little SunshineBaasik feat. Ink Rose8
The Pony I Want to Be (Remix)Sim Gretina9
Neigh AnythingSim Gretina feat. Fritzy Beat & Melody Note10
EqualityBLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber11
Prototype (VIP)Glaze12
Here We AreBLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber13
The Magic Inside (I Am Just a Pony) (Remix)Aviators14
Under Our Spell (Remix)Aurelleah & Orange B15
It's Gonna Work (Remix)JoinedTheHerd16
Our Sweet Little Flurry (Flurry Heart's Lullaby)Kevin MacLeod feat. Magpiepony & WildCardVA17
Light of Your Cutie Mark (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell18
Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime feat. REV19
Midnight LamentAurelleah feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle20
Lullaby for a PrincessPonyphonic feat. Caleb Hyles or Chi-Chi21
The Siren and the SeamareCarbon Maestro feat. SweetPoffin & Wubcake22
Come AliveSilva Hound feat. Eurobeat Brony23
The Magic Inside (I Am Just a Pony) (Remix)JoinedTheHerd24
Fall of an EmpireThe L-Train & Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra25
I'll Keep TryingJay Man feat. Magpiepony26
The Magic Inside (I Am Just a Pony)BassBeastJD feat. Pinkie Rose or SophiiVA (v.s. 174UDSI) or Silver Swirls27
Brony PolkaAnimatedJames28
The Pony I Want to Be (Remix)JoinedTheHerd v.s. iblank2apples29
The Smile SongMandopony feat. Pinkie Rose30
EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N31
The Magic Inside (Remix)Aurelleah32
Magic EverywhereSayonara Maxwell feat. MiatriSs33
Chaos TheoryAviators34
Spectacular (The Spectacle)Prince Whateverer35
Blob It!OhPonyBoy37
Luna's Future (Remix)Spectra38
Luna's Future (Remix)JoinedTheHerd39
Song of the Sirens (Remix)Notion40
We'll Make Our Mark (Remix)microThunder41
Pinkie's Present (Remix)JoinedTheHerd42
Friends Are Always There for You (Remix)JoinedTheHerd43
Twilight Sunshine Remixoodorato245
Broken WingWasteland Wailers feat. Brittany Church46
BecomeMetajoker & Respin47
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo48
The Midnight in Me (Remix)Notion49
Out on My Own (Remix)JoinedTheHerd50
Rainbow "Troublemaker" DashPurpleRoselyn51
Friendship Through the AgesBassBeastJD feat. Pinkie Rose53
First FlightKC.Guzman feat. Megaphoric54
Are We Insane?YourEnigma feat. EileMonty55
So LongPrinceWhateverer feat. Wubcake & NRGpony56
Luna's Future (Orchestral Remix)Jyc Row57
Luna's SwingmicroThunder & FritzyBeat58
The StormSilva Hound & Panic feat. Synthis59
DiscordEurobeat Brony60
Dare MasterWasteland Wailers feat. Brittany Church61
Little DreamsVylet Pony62
My Wings AriaAurelleah feat. Joan Silentio64
Back AgainArchie65
Raise This Barn (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell & MiatriSs66
Sweeeeeep (Remix)174UDSI67
The Blob Pad!OhPonyBoy68
Power Ponies GO!Crusader!70
Let the Magic Fill Your SoulForest Rain feat. Luna Jax71
Welcome to the Show (Remix)Spectra72
I Can Do it On My Own (Remix)JoinedTheHerd74
Open Your EyesAwkwardMarina75
Lost on the MoonGlaze & The Living Tombstone feat. Rina-chan v.s. microThunder76
DiamondsSilva Hound77
We'll Make Our Mark (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell78
Midnight Sparkle Musical NumberWubcake80
Rainbow Factory (Remix)WoodenToaster & H8_Seed v.s. Aurelleah81
Unleash the MagicGhostXb feat. Wubcake82
SeagullsFritzy Beat hugs Port Blue83
Hold Me CloseSynthis85
Mox Supra JupiterOhPonyBoy86
Without Me4everfreebrony feat. Joaftheloaf & Relative|Pitch87
Bound With Time4everfreebrony v.s. Synthis88
Rainbow Factory (Orchestral)WeimTime89
When the Sun Comes BackWasteland Wailers feat. Brittany Church91
Luna's Future (Euro Cast Mix)Eurobeat Brony92
See you next week!

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