Thursday, November 24, 2016

2017 Chart Year - 12/3/16 - Week 1/52 - WeimTime Returns to Top, Exiark & Chi-Chi Hit New Peak

We enter a new chart year as of this week, and with it a new rebalanced chart! Now it'll have normal recurrency like the Hot 100, but because of this, points will now be weighted based on prowess. In addition, points from votes shall now come later and diminish in equal chunks as opposed to the old method of immediate addition and decrementing. Finally, the point values in the formula have been adjusted to favor votes significantly more, views a bit more, and likes significantly less.

Crowning the first chart is Trust in Me, Child, leading for a second nonconsecutive week! Joining it is its Duo Cartoonist pal First Flight, up 6-2. Also, Life Still Left in Me among others returns to the top 10, hitting a new peak of #9 in doing so! Check out the full chart past the break!

Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime feat. REV11211
First FlightKC.Guzman feat. Megaphoric2168
Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah31127
The Midnight in Me (Remix)Notion41117
The Moon RisesPonyphonic feat. Kristen Calvin or EileMonty51330
Bound With Time4everfreebrony v.s. Synthis63167
Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix)microThunder72427
Fall of an EmpireThe L-Train & Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra82825
Life Still Left in MeExiark & Chi-Chi991510
Route 666PON3102143
The Fight Inside (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony113194
Smell the Roses4everfreebrony12552
Midnight LamentAurelleah feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle1351025
It's Gonna Work (Remix)JoinedTheHerd144923
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo1542011
Luna's Future (Remix)Spectra1682124
GhostiesJastrian & Fritzy Beat179368
Learning from the BestNeighsayer feat. FritzyBeat186225
So LongPrinceWhateverer feat. Wubcake & NRGpony1932712
Dare MasterWasteland Wailers feat. Brittany Church2033214
You Are WonderfulOhPonyBoy214427
EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N v.s. Vylet Pony or Aviators2231723
Derby Racers (HYPERDRIVE MiX)Foozogz234236
Carry On4everfreebrony, TrojanPony, & Metajoker245378
Clear SkiesUndreamedPanic25164710
A Place That We Call HomePrinceWhateverer feat. CookieSoup283528
Spectacular (The Spectacle)PrinceWhateverer2913330
Pretty GirlVylet Pony feat. Cadie309559
The Spectacle (Remix)StrachAttack31184415
MonarchSights Unseen & Vylet Pony32321
Undead Sugar PoniesProgressive Element336453
Raise This Barn (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell & MiatriSs3425411
Our Sweet Little Flurry (Flurry Heart's Lullaby)Kevin MacLeod feat. Magpiepony & WildCardVA3512627
Sunset VolcanoRadiarc3625252
Ponyville 2016TIX & The Possy Project3711333
Celestial BerserkersJyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept3822466
Warriors of GriffinstoneJyc Row, Francis Vace, & WoodLore4016496
Warm WindsAurelleah feat. Wubcake415519
I'll Keep TryingJay Man feat. Magpiepony4222424
Fire of a DaydreamJyc Row feat. Skyline44217115
The Magic InsideElias Frost46461
OrbitThrasher feat. Vylet Pony4716484
Twilight (Eventide)Vylet Pony48121216
Legend of EverfreeElias Frost4918608
RegretLuna Jax50287621
We Will Stand for Everfree (Euro Gaia)Delta Brony feat. Tarama Fritz5113567
Come With MeVocal Score Pony with Scarlet Harmony52128215
For the New Lunar Republic (Dominance!)StringStorm53207916
We Will Stand for EverfreeElias Frost5422703
Acid TrapBudzy x UndreamedPanic55168311
Get DirtyAJ Young5616617
PeppermintDJT feat. Puffy5844853
Under Our Spell (Finnish Folk)Elias Frost5926898
Deadbeat ControlEinarx6014533
A Changeling Can Change (Remix)UndreamedPanic621712
HorrifiedJyc Row feat. FritzyBeat6313653
A Changeling Can ChangeForest Rain644676
Drama QueenVylet Pony feat. Kyuun6512844
The Spectacle (Industrial)Elias Frost6625623
Future (What are the Odds)4everfreebrony v.s. Spectra67715
FaultlessSights Unseen feat. Cadie68681
S C A R E M A S T E RVylet Pony698573
Where Is Your Heaven NowThe Midnight Musician70701
Flowers In The RainFrozen Night71711
Under Our Spell (Remix)Filly in the Box72721
LullabySights Unseen7335352
Running of the LeavesSky Runner74741
Island of CloudsUndreamedPanic feat. Even Skies76219319
Black MagicSuskii7711684
Morning TeaVylet Pony78218716
Luna's Future (Euro Cast Mix)Eurobeat Brony8059620
Attitude & AltitudeThe L-Train & Cyril the Wolf81772
Horseing AroundGROskAr & NextLevelDerp8218997
Great UnknownVylet Pony84218
Death in the TreetopsGeneral Mumble858956
Fly With Youdelfino*8620915
Night of the WillowNew Reverian8828282
5:00 At The Cafe on Monument ParkwayAtaraxia89891
InsaneSynthis feat. Sora901820
MistressVylet Pony feat. Chi-Chi & XAVI9186
Luna's Future (Remix)GhostXb9224789
Surprise SurpriseBudzy v.s. GROskAr9341413
Rainbow Factory (Orchestral)WeimTime94413
Like MeVylet Pony feat. YourEnigma, Tsukii, Sights Unseen, & Silva Hound9510816
IgnitionDel Rom96961
Theme from "Daring Did[...]"The L-Train979633
The ClearingA Symphony Of Two99991

See you next week!

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