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2017 Chart Year - 12/31/16 - Week 5/52 - WeimTime Leads Thanks to Duo Cartoonist Animatic, PrinceWhateverer Hits Top 10

Once more, "Trust in Me, Child" crowns the chart. This time, it's thanks to Duo Cartoonist's new animatic for the song (it previously had a single shot animated image). This time the lead was so massive that it may end up backfiring against the song, as it now runs on 1/4 points as per policy. The animatic also brings proxy attention back to "First Flight", recovering strong 21-7. Overall this week was less competitive, so "Luna's Future (Aurelleah)" returns to the runner-up slot 4-2. "Shy Heart", soon to be officially revealed as November's top-voted song, holds to #3. Last week's topper, "Luna's Determination", takes a modest dip 1-4. Lower in the zone, "Away From Me", which debuted last week at #16, closes in all the way at #9. Next to it, "I'll Keep Trying" returns to the top 10 13-10. Find out more past the break!

Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime feat. REV11715
Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah21431
Shy HeartPonyphonic3134
Luna's DeterminationMelodicPony4113
EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N51227
Hoping4everfreebrony feat. Giggly Maria & Relative|Pitch62624
First FlightKC.Guzman feat. Megaphoric712112
Let's Blob AgainOhPonyBoy8354
Away From MePrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony99162
I'll Keep TryingJay Man feat. Magpiepony1021328
Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix)microThunder1121031
Sun and Moon4everfreebrony feat. FritzyBeat1212182
Smell the Roses4everfreebrony13586
The Midnight in Me (Remix)Notion1411511
Midnight LamentAurelleah feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle155929
Fall of an EmpireThe L-Train & Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra1621429
Bound With Time4everfreebrony v.s. Synthis1731211
Luna's Future (Remix)Spectra1882028
Black Magic (VIP)StrachAttack v.s. NekoWolf1919194
Life Still Left in MeExiark & Chi-Chi2091714
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo2142615
It's Gonna Work (Remix)JoinedTheHerd2242527
The Fight Inside (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony233238
Our Sweet Little Flurry (Flurry Heart's Lullaby)Kevin MacLeod feat. Magpiepony & WildCardVA2413031
You Are WonderfulOhPonyBoy2542211
Ordinarily..Vylet Pony2626344
Route 666PON3272397
Learning from the BestNeighsayer feat. FritzyBeat286249
Carry On4everfreebrony, TrojanPony, & Metajoker2952712
Celestial BerserkersJyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept30172910
The Spectacle (Remix)StrachAttack31183719
Derby Racers (HYPERDRIVE MiX)Foozogz3343610
Warriors of GriffinstoneJyc Row, Francis Vace, & WoodLore35163110
Where Is Your Heaven NowThe Midnight Musician3636465
HeartstringsSky Runner38382
Crash to PiecesSynthis3911112
Clear SkiesUndreamedPanic40164114
We WereExiark feat. Ckibe & FritzyBeat4128282
Dare MasterWasteland Wailers feat. Brittany Church4235118
Chasing FateFire Frets feat. Relative|Pitch4325504
GhostiesJastrian & Fritzy Beat4493212
PeppermintDJT feat. Puffy4526387
Spectacular (The Spectacle)PrinceWhateverer4614834
Sunny's ThemeBank Pain47474
The Moon RisesPonyphonic feat. Kristen Calvin or EileMonty4814434
Undead Sugar PoniesProgressive Element496537
Warm WindsAurelleah feat. Wubcake5054713
OrbitThrasher feat. Vylet Pony5116428
Party Cannon OverdriveThe L-Train feat. Francis Vace & TheMusicReborn5242574
Canterlot ImsomniaSeventh Element54541
So LongPrinceWhateverer feat. Wubcake & NRGpony5535516
Raise This Barn (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell & MiatriSs5625915
A Place That We Call HomePrinceWhateverer feat. CookieSoup5734512
Pretty GirlVylet Pony feat. Cadie5894913
Horse D'oeuvresiblank2apples59591
Dear Princess CelestiaThe Shake Ups in Ponyville60601
StargazerSky Runner61612
Come Bliss With TreezyDonn DeVore6363912
A Better PlaceQuicksilver6464963
Get DirtyAJ Young65167011
Still WaitingFrancis Vace6666944
Acid TrapBudzy x UndreamedPanic67166615
Little PeeksA Symphony Of Two68681
Dashin' DreamsSoaringFlight v.s. Sonic Rainboom69691
Horseing AroundGROskAr & NextLevelDerp70189
Fire of a DaydreamJyc Row feat. Skyline71216919
Morning TeaVylet Pony72217720
A Changeling Can ChangeForest Rain7346710
We Will Stand for Everfree (Euro Gaia)Delta Brony feat. Tarama Fritz74137611
Lost LullabyAge of Vinyl & Hay Tea7548623
Evil MagicsMantlegen76761
BatsElias Frost feat. KamMer JaEgEr & Ice Gaze7742783
S C A R E M A S T E RVylet Pony788687
For the New Lunar Republic (Dominance!)StringStorm79208720
Drama QueenVylet Pony feat. Kyuun8012838
HorrifiedJyc Row feat. FritzyBeat8113887
Sounds of WarInjustrial8458583
Luna's Future (Remix)GhostXb85249213
Set You FreeStealingShad3Z86861
Rainbow Factory (Orchestral)WeimTime8748617
Tribute to MelodicA Symphony Of Two88881
H O R S E P A R T YPVNK v.s. R3CTIFIER891012
To Cloudsdale!Jyc Row9043432
Chrysalis MetamorphosisFrozen Night9154823
Death in the TreetopsGeneral Mumble9286510
Under Our Spell (Finnish Folk)Elias Frost93268112
Legend of EverfreeElias Frost94187112
Light of Your Cutie MarkSuperTurtle95951
Bat PonyCrystarium96961
ain't scaredsyzygy97971
We Will Stand for EverfreeFrancis Vace9898982
Black MagicSuskii99117

Our running year-end hits 6 positions:

1Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime feat. REV
2Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah
3EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N
4Shy HeartPonyphonic
5Luna's DeterminationMelodicPony
6Hoping4everfreebrony feat. Giggly Maria & Relative|Pitch
See you next week!

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