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2017 Chart Year - 3/11/17 - Week 15/52 - Spiral Harmonies Leads for a Third Week Along With WeimTime's Runner-Up Re-Entry, Aurelleah, PrinceWhateverer, Vylet Pony & Jyc Row Get New Top 10s

Like last week, Project Choices hype is in the air. Midnight Frenzy leads for a third straight week following its debut, though it's down this week to about 10,000 points from 26,000. It's joined this week by a familiar face: Trust in Me, Child re-enters the chart at the runner-up slot following a new WIP for Project Choices (which counts for the song's streaming because it is the only song featured). Another familiar face is PrinceWhateverer, whose rerecord of Between Fairy Tales and Happy Endings enters the chart at a healthy #3. This week in general was rather active for the top 10, with three songs returning (Trust as mentioned, You & Me, up 12-8, and Say Goodbye to the Holiday's microThunder remix, up 11-10) and three songs making their first appearances (Between as mentioned, Out of Your Mind at #6 by Vylet Pony and Lyde, and Friendship is Epic by Jyc Row, up 47-9). Find out more past the break!

Midnight FrenzySpiral Harmonies feat. PK Emi1113
Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime LLC feat. REV2121
From the AshesAurelleah331
Between Fairy Tales and Happy Endings (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. Kaspuuh & Senya441
Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah51441
ChaosKadenza & Zero6356
Out of Your MindVylet Pony feat. Lyde771
Back to YouLuna Jax feat. 4everfreebrony81923
You and MeFoozogz93127
Friendship is Epic (Main Theme)Jyc Row109473
Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix)microThunder1121141
AwokenGhostXb feat. PurpleRosalyn12121
First FlightKC.Guzman feat. Megaphoric131622
When the Winter EndsAlmost Anyone & FritzyBeat1413187
Luna's Future (Remix)Spectra1581538
A Changeling Can Change (Remix)JoinedTheHerd167167
Just a Game4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi17882
Our Sweet Little Flurry (Flurry Heart's Lullaby)Kevin MacLeod feat. Magpiepony & WildCardVA1812641
Fall of an EmpireThe L-Train & Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra2021339
Out on My Own (CathartiMix)Foozogz212104
Midnight LamentAurelleah feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle2252539
PeppermintDJT feat. Puffy232214
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo2442725
My Only Friends4everfreebrony2552410
Sun and Moon4everfreebrony feat. FritzyBeat2672012
Crash to PiecesSynthis27102312
Life Still Left in MeExiark & Chi-Chi2892224
Hoping4everfreebrony feat. Giggly Maria & Relative|Pitch2922134
It's Gonna Work (Remix)JoinedTheHerd3043337
Shy HeartPonyphonic3111714
Here on the Moon4everfreebrony feat. Pinkie Rose, Magpiepony, & FritzyBeat323328
Bang OutVylet Pony & Silva Hound337403
Just MeVocal Score & Scarlet Harmony3512543
EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N3613237
The Spectacle (Remix)StrachAttack38182829
Bound With Time4everfreebrony v.s. Synthis3933121
Crystal TearsFrozen Night feat. ForeverFreest4039426
My Sweet PeaceWoodLore v.s. Jyc Row4173730
To Cloudsdale!Jyc Row42204311
We WereExiark feat. Ckibe & FritzyBeat43243612
The Midnight in Me (Remix)Notion4413021
I'll Keep TryingJay Man feat. Magpiepony4524438
Away From MePrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony4693812
overwrite_deityR3CTIFIER & Phoxi4729467
Et Les Toiles ChantentOhPonyBoy485143
hearts and hoovesVylet Pony4919192
Clear SkiesUndreamedPanic50164924
Smell the Roses4everfreebrony5153916
Through the SnowDashtortion5252522
Let's Blob AgainOhPonyBoy5333514
Route 666PON35425317
The Fight Inside (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony5534818
The Learner's ParadoxWoodLore5612459
Midnight FrenzyElias Frost57571
You Can Always Come BackCrusader!5858584
Derby Racers (HYPERDRIVE MiX)Foozogz5945020
Stars & SkyProgressive Element v.s. UndreamedPanic602617
Disco GirlHomage McGee feat. SlightlyAmiss, ForeverFreest, & SaxBrony6136568
Luna's DeterminationMelodicPony6213413
Mustache RideStrachAttack633415
Adagio's AdagioGhostXb feat. Maria Grigoryeva6455555
Alternate HistoryHay Tea65651
Another StarExiark & Flittzy66415910
i just want you to notice meVylet Pony6812626
Come Bliss With TreezyDonn DeVore6953738
Horse ChristmasWootmaster7054699
Twi's LightThe L-Train feat. FenPony7110703
Horse D'oeuvresiblank2apples72577111
Sweetness & LightningDJT73731
Sugar ShyDJT & ExplodingPonyToast744767
Rainbow FactoryYoka the Changeling feat. Ray Scratch & MikeDub7529292
Celestial BerserkersJyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept7619320
Near Clear SkiesPonytronic v.s. Jalmaan & Plexitofer7777872
Undead Sugar PoniesProgressive Element7868217
Empire PastBank Pain808667
Under Our Spell (Finnish Folk)Elias Frost82268120
Black Magic (VIP)StrachAttack v.s. NekoWolf83198014
Lost LullabyAge of Vinyl & Hay Tea84487811
Learning from the BestNeighsayer feat. FritzyBeat8568619
Ordinarily..Vylet Pony86187214
The Spectacle (Remix)Silva Hound8815839
Arabian PoniesUndreamedPanic & Totalspark89891
PotstickersLuna Jax91911
Wake ThemFerexes9248753
HorrifiedJyc Row feat. FritzyBeat931314
To Be FreeKoolKat94941
Peppermint PoniesFlittzy95562
Good IntentionsFWLR9611848
StarsSilver Note9765652
A Special SomeponyFellowship Symphonies98981
Night LightUndreamedPanic & Bank Pain9913888
S C A R E M A S T E RVylet Pony100812

Also, the running year end is now up to 26 positions!

Midnight FrenzySpiral Harmonies feat. PK Emi1
Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah2
Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime feat. REV3
Shy HeartPonyphonic4
Hoping4everfreebrony feat. Giggly Maria & Relative|Pitch5
EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N6
Luna's DeterminationMelodicPony7
Celestial BerserkersJyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept8
Come AliveSilva Hound feat. Eurobeat Brony9
Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix)microThunder10
Smell the Roses4everfreebrony11
First FlightKC.Guzman feat. Megaphoric12
The Midnight in Me (Remix)Notion13
Let's Blob AgainOhPonyBoy14
Fall of an EmpireThe L-Train & Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra15
Midnight LamentAurelleah feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle16
Bound With Time4everfreebrony v.s. Synthis17
Life Still Left in MeExiark & Chi-Chi18
Luna's Future (Remix)Spectra19
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo20
I'll Keep TryingJay Man feat. Magpiepony21
It's Gonna Work (Remix)JoinedTheHerd22
Our Sweet Little Flurry (Flurry Heart's Lullaby)Kevin MacLeod feat. Magpiepony & WildCardVA23
The Fight Inside (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony24
Back to YouLuna Jax feat. 4everfreebrony25
My Only Friends4everfreebrony26
See you next week!

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