Saturday, March 28, 2015

Crazy Top 10: New #1 from oodorato2, Entries from Wasteland Wailers and Caleb Hyles, and 6 Songs From This and Last Week

The top 10 is quite busy this week, with 3 new top 10 entries including a new #1! In addition, 3 of the 5 top 10 debuts from last week hang on, with one even hitting a new peak this week. (Which one? You'll have to read on...)
Our new leader comes from oodorato2, Japanese pony remix artist who had previously garnered attention with an honorable mention for one of his tracks in 2013's toptenpony personal list and more recently with a #1 debut for his track Halloween Rocks, which moves 75-65 this week. The new track...wait. It should be clarified that this song is in fact from October 2012, however in the span of 2 and a half years, it had garnered far less than 10,000 views (~5,000), so it remains eligible this week, especially since this week's activity is a magnitude above the past years' for it. In any case, the song is Twilight Sunshine Remix, and it enters in the top spot thanks to a new video (entitled Sunshine Sunshine) that garnered 1,500 likes and 35,000 views to lead both metrics.

Returning to #2 is The Real Pink Pony, which is in running to reclaim the #1 spot next week provided there are no more giant debuts. 500 likes, 26 votes, and 28,000 views mean it's doing strongly in all metrics. It was beaten this week by 37%.

Falling to #3 is Love is a Yummy S'more, now running on only 30% of potential points from its music video. It hosts an aggregate 350 likes and 26,500 views.

Our second debut for the week comes from Caleb Hyles, a metal cover musician who has done renditions of a variety of sources, from pop songs to anime songs to musical songs. The songs he released this week are his first since July 2013, when he covered the Laughter song. In any case, he lands at #4 with his new cover of The Smile Song. It blasts through primarily through likes, of which he nabbed 800, and also starts with a respectable 13,000 views. He also debuts at #11 with a cover of Bats!.

Moving up from its debut is Only Pony by OhPonyBoy. The song started last week with a respectable 600 likes and 6,500 views, but this week is when the full force came, as it posts an aggregate 400 likes and 21,000 views (the song is subject to music video decrements). This is OhPonyBoy's first top 5, as previous entries The Blob Symphony and We Dreamt Our Dream both peaked at #6. (Speaking of We Dreamt Our Dream, it does an aggregate 75 likes and 11,500 views to fall 8-9)

Reaching the top 10 for the first time after multiple chart entries is the Wasteland Wailers group, the team creating music for the Fallout: Equestria game. Two previous radio tunes, Step Around and Mane Squeeze, had done decently in the top 40, and now, one makes it to this zone: Fly Like You, which once again features the vocalist Brittany Church acting as the character Velvet Remedy. The song is actually the second most-liked this week, with 850 likes, and also does an impressive 10,000 views. In addition, because of the buzz, two of the group's songs come back to the Trot 100: Whole Lotta Magic (#83, 20 likes and 1,000 views) and Touch Me (#90, 15 likes and 750 views), both of which feature the country vocalist Haymaker.

Former #1 Wild Fire slips 6-7 in the heat of this week. 150 likes and 13,000 views are decent, but it's officially on a decline.

Last week's top debut, Fighting Back, stays surprisingly strong by remaining in the top 10. The song keeps up 200 likes and 11,500 views.

Also holding on is the WeimTime rendition of Anthropology, falling 4-10. It pushes an aggregate 150 likes and 11,000 views.

Out of the top 10 are Confrontation (10-13, 75 likes and 7,500 views), 12115 (5-30, 100 likes and 3,000 views), and Thought I'd Let You Know (9-63, 40 likes and 1,000 views).

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