Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weird Top 10: Daniel Ingram locks Top 3, SlyphStorm debuts, and Lenich & Kirya surge in

Daniel Ingram nabs the whole top 3 in the wake of the unexpected release and eligibility of 3 new songs tied to, but not in, Rainbow Rocks. Also, Love Me Cheerilee surges into the top 5 and SlyphStorm debuts at #7.

Debuting at the top is My Past is Not Today, which features the vocals of Rebecca Shoichet. It dominates the list with a whopping 86,000 views and 3,200 likes. Now, to settle this, the reason these songs are eligible to chart is a combination of both April Fool willingness but also because they are not anywhere but YouTube. They're not in the show, not in the movie, and not for sale anywhere. Thus, they can be judged solely on the scope of their YouTube popularity. Of course, I am aware this and the next 2 songs will sweep next week if left unweighted, and rest assured that there will be necessary weightings depending on how far they go.

At #2 is Friendship Through the Ages, featuring all 4 singers: Rebecca Shoichet, Shannon Chan-Kent, Kazumi Evans, and Ashleigh Ball. It debuts with 67,000 views and 2,700 likes. Originally, it was posing a bigger threat to #1, but now it is instead in close margin with #3, Life is a Runway, sung by Kazumi Evans alone. That song ended up with 60,000 views and 2,000 likes to show.

Dropping 2-4 is The Real Pink Pony. Really, this song is a victim of timing: yes, it led for 3 weeks, but Vannamelon's exposure led to the massive Love is Yummy S'more blasting in for 4 weeks (It, incidentally, is now down 3-6, with 20% of its music video points left), and then the debuts of Fighting Back (down 8-11), Twilight Sunshine Remix (down 1-8), and this week's surprise releases blocking it from what would otherwise be safe weeks at #1. As for whether it can come back, it's all going to depend on the votes for March, which shall be revealed on the final day of tracking for the April 25 chart. If Fighting Back (which seems a safe bet for #1) ends up with a large (>60) amount of votes and can keep up similar performance to this week (200 likes and 11,000 views), it might be set to return to the top.

Speaking of #1s, a former #1 is on its way out. Wild Fire falls 7-9, now only supported by only 150 likes and 12,500 views.

Debuting this week and not from Ingram is Neverending Strife from SlyphStorm at #7. The song is a new cover of the Glaze staple, and starts off with 700 likes and 9,500 views. Could it gain momentum and live up to Soldiers of the Night's peak?

Two songs this week are boosted plentifully by new mixes. The less exciting is Fly Like You, a debut last week that falls only 6-10. It is supported by a new 80's style remix that features NoWacking on vocals along with Brittany Church. The much more interesting news is Love Me Cheerilee's surge 28-5. A new completely Russian version of the song, which is a jig remake of the Tombstone original, helps give it a total 800 likes, 12,500 views, and 18 votes.

Aside from Fighting Back, We Dreamt Our Dream (9-12), Anthropology (Synthesia) (10-13), Only Pony (5-22), and The Smile Song (4-30) all fall off the top 10.

Also, as proof that April Fools makes the weirdest songs debut, a manly spoken-word cover of This Day Aria launches at #17, with 175 likes and 6,000 views.

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