Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Silva Hound and Eurobeat Brony top Trot 100, 4everfreebrony enters, and Vylet returns

Thanks to a music video teaser, Silva Hound gets his second Trot 100 topper (and Eurobeat Brony his first) with Come Alive. In addition, 4everfreebrony returns to the chart after another lengthy absence.

Come Alive clobbers all competition this week. Still holding onto 5 votes, it's given a massive stimulus with 2,700 likes and 45,500 views. Many of these views are from BronyDanceParty's teaser for an upcoming music video for the song. It holds a staggering 266% lead over its closest competitor: Getting Stronger. 300 likes and 16,500 views would be enough to lead almost any other week.

New to the top 10 is Hoping, a new track by 4everfreebrony, debuting at #9. While he is still away from home, he still has the chance to collaborate with others, in this case Emily Jones (who worked with him on Here on the Moon) and Relative|Pitch (who assisted on the Chant series among others). It starts off with 2,750 views and 375 likes. A cover has also made it to the chart, done by Fritzy Beat. It begins at #38.

Back in the top 10 this week is 'Bucka, sliding up from #11. Vylet's remix of My Past is Not Today also rebounds 9-7.

In summary, Prototype (VIP) slips 2-3, I Am Just a Pony drops from its highpoint 3-4, Friendship Through the Ages tumbles 4-5, Fighting Back rolls 5-6, and Your Own Sky holds at #8.

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