Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sim Gretina Takes First No. 1

In an extremely busy week for the Trot 100, Sim Gretina gets his first #1 on the chart with his remix of The Pony I Want to Be. It debuts in the top 10 along with 3 other tracks, including songs by Sayonara Maxwell & JoinedTheHerd.

The Pony I Want To Be (Remix) starts off explosively, with 1,650 likes and 21,500 views. That's not to say it didn't have competition: We'll Make Our Mark (Remix), done by Sayonara Maxwell, almost matched it with 19,250 views. However, what ultimately failed it and left it at #2 was the presence of 1,100 likes, missing Sim's track a good bit. These new top 2 herald in a busy week dominated by remixes of the songs from Crusaders of the Lost Mark: remixes of The Pony I Want to Be by Delta Brony, 174UDSI, and JoinedTheHerd also launch, with the latter launching at #4, also boosted by a remix of the remix by iblank2apples. It blasts in with 675 likes and 14,250 views.

The last multiweek #1, Getting Stronger, drops 2-3. However, it appears poised to recover back to the lead next week thanks to the new votes it received. Topping September's poll, it boasts 60 votes starting this week, and it still holds a strong 300 likes and 18,000 views.

Also, new to the top 10 this week is My Wings Aria, a debut from Aurelleah. He's previously landed Forever on the top 10 (it crashes 12-43 this week).

In the rest of the top 10, Prototype (VIP) drops 3-5, Come Alive abdicates 1-6, I Am Just a Pony retreats 4-7, Friendship Through the Ages topples 5-9, and Fighting Back struggles 6-10.

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