Year-End Top 100 of 2015

1Wild FireMandopony & Silva Hound v.s. The Living Tombstone
2Prototype (VIP)Glaze
3Fighting BackBLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
4StrangersScratch21 feat. EileMonty
5We Dreamt Our DreamOhPonyBoy
6Under Our Spell (Remix)SquareHead
7Fly Like YouWasteland Wailers feat. Brittany Church
8Cupcakes (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell
9Getting StrongerBLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber
10Friendship Through the AgesPinkie Rose
11Battle of the BandsGatoPaint & EileMonty
12I Am a ParaspriteEileMonty & David Larsen
13Sinking ShipsmicroThunder & FritzyBeat
14Winter's F***ed UpAnimatedJames
15FrailtyPrince Whateverer feat. Dreamchan
17Spitfire (Give it All You Got)Mandopony & Megabyte Brony
18Come AliveSilva Hound feat. Eurobeat Brony
19Your Own SkyPrince Whateverer
20Soldiers of the NightSlyphStorm feat. 4everfreebrony & Midnight Melody
21Pegasus DeviceSlyphStorm v.s. PurpleRoselyn & Wubcake
22Twilight Sunshine Remixoodorato2
23Awesome as I Wanna BePrince Whateverer feat. Dreamchan
24Neverending StrifeSlyphStorm
25My Past is Not Today (Remix)Strigidae v.s. Vylet Pony
26No ChancedBPony feat. MictheMicrophone
27Heaven KnowsAviators
28The Blob SymphonyOhPonyBoy
29Duelling DAWsSlyphStorm v.s. Forest Rain
30Down South in AppleloosaWoodLore
31I Am Just a PonyBassBeastJD feat. Pinkie Rose, SophiiVA, or Silver Swirls
32I'll Fly (Remix)Sim Gretina
33"12115"Prince Whateverer
34Tell MeBLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
35The SurfaceAviators feat. GatoPaint
36In Our Town (Remix)Sim Gretina
37Nightmare NightSlyphStorm
38Beyond the HorizonPrince Whateverer feat. Dreamchan & CGScrambles
39Sight UnseenBLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
40I'll Fly (Remix)microThunder
41Love Me CheerileeLenich & Kirya
42WirelessDJ Pon-3 v.s. Vylet & Sylver
44Rio's BalladTheIronPony feat. Riquis 101
45The Pony I Want to Be (Remix)Sim Gretina
46Otherwise4everfreebrony feat. Lil' Everfree
47Ace of My HeartPrince Whateverer feat. Rockin'Brony
48Stop the Bats (Remix)Notion
49"'Bucka"Vylet Pony feat. Buffalo Brony, Korupt, Aoshi, Ataraxia, & Jacob Albrecht
50PoniesDJ Pon-3
51In Our Town (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell
52Make This Castle a Home (Remix)microThunder
53Hush NowFritzyBeat & PhonyBrony feat. Chi-Chi & Exiark
54Generosity (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell
55Dive&I feat. Giggly Maria
56Chant of Mirth4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi & Relative|Pitch
59Halloween Rocksoodorato2
60Only PonyOhPonyBoy
61Blank SpaceFerexes
62DiamondsSilva Hound
63I'll Fly (Remix)Foozogz
64Tricks Up My Sleeve (Remix)SquareHead
65Left BehindPrince Whateverer
67We'll Make Our Marks (Remix)MiatriSs
68Let's Have a Battle (Remix)SquareHead
69Let the Magic Fill Your SoulWoodLore
70Back AgainArchie
71Harmony AscendantPonyphonic
72StarcrossedVylet Pony feat. LilyCloud
73Lonely RoadStarlight & IMShadow007
74Light Of Your Cutie Mark (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell
76Mail it InWasteland Wailers feat. Haymaker
77Alone in the DarkRarity feat. Lady Aria
78The Pony I Want to Be (Remix)JoinedTheHerd v.s. iblank2apples
80Battle of the Bands (Remix)PonyFireStone
81The Twilight Will RiseTurquoise Splash feat. Megaphoric & JoaftheLoaf
82My Sweet PeaceWoodLore
83The Sweetest ThingCookie Soup
84Poison JokeTAPS feat. Bob E-Quine
86Rainbow Factory (Metal)Sayonara Maxwell
87We'll Make Our Mark (Remix)Sayonara Maxwell
88I'll Fly (Remix)DJ Pon-3
89In Our TownSharaX
90Work it TaviDJ Pon-3
91The MirrorSynthis
93Friendship Through the AgesSophiiVA
94NightmaresSophiiVA v.s. 174UDSI
95ForgottenStarlight feat. Mica
96ArimaspimicroThunder & Fritzy Beat
97Beyond Her GardenLenich & Kirya
98The RenegadeFerexes
99I Will Always Miss UsRarity feat. EileMonty
100Dancing With My NightmareVylet Pony

Updated 7/10/2017 to reflect chart points as opposed to inverse rank.


  1. Let me know if you'd like your efforts for the Trot 100 site and ytube to be assisted on the fimmmusic.tumblr (aka We've been winding down our efforts in the pony music community but it seems you've been putting a lot of effort in yours. Would be nice to give you a bigger microphone to assist the community and a tumblr presence as well. I'm on skype as thefreewave if you use that and want to chat. Cheers.

  2. Great job putting out a Top 100 EOY list. Put your video and site on fimmusic.tumblr so it can get a some more views. Hope we see a text version of the full list at some point too! Cheers