Monday, February 9, 2015

AnimatedJames leads a Second Week; 3 Songs Return to the Top 10

AnimatedJames and Vannamelon's collab remains at the top of the charts for a second week, though not at the astronomical margin of last week. In addition, "Pegasus Device" makes the top 5 after more than 30 weeks and 3 songs return to the top 10.

"The Real Pink Pony" remains in the lead with a #1 in both Likes and Views. 675 likes put it at a distinct advantage over everything else, but 26,500 views are a significant decline over last week. Will it remain leader next week?

Competition is definitely a factor, as "Confrontation" strengthens up while holding at #2. Views are now extremely close at 26,000, and likes, while not phenomenal, are at a healthy 325. It's worth noting that under the old metric, "Pink Pony" would've only won by 1.7%. As is, the margin is a less close 12.6%, but it could turn next week due to debut inflation wearing off.

Former #1 "Wild Fire" holds at #3, and it is no longer seemingly a contestant for returning to the top. Likes are down to 275 and views are down to 24,500.

"Rainbow Factory (Synthesia)", with one week left before reclassification makes it ineligible, holds at #4.

Newly in the top 5 is "Pegasus Device", making a new peak in its 9-5 move (now it just needs a 9-5 job to match! Maybe at the Rainbow Factory?).  21,000 views fuel its surge along with 225 likes help it reach this new height, which is especially notable in occurring so late in its lifecycle. Will this boost last?

Stalling for yet another week at its peak is "We Dreamt Our Dream" at #6.

Continuing its gradual reascent is "Soldiers of the Night", climbing 8-7 this week. 6,500 views, 47 votes, and 75 likes are powering it, with views experiencing the most notable gains.

The next 3 are all returns to the top 10: "Spitfire (Give it All You Got)" (13-8), "Frailty" (11-9), and "The Blob Symphony" (16-10). With their returns boot "Do They Know It's Christmas?" (5-12), "Battle" (7-24), and "No Chance" (10-13).

The top debut of the week comes from 174UDSI, who debuts a new remix of "Winter Wrap Up" at #23. 150 likes and 2,750 views power its arrival.

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