Sunday, February 1, 2015

AnimatedJames Returns to the Top with a New Hit with Vannamelon

AnimatedJames nets his third #1 as a lead artist with "The Real Pink Pony", a collaboration with Vannamelon. In addition, a new metric is added to the chart to help act as surrogate for downloads by being a one-time deal: likes. With this new metric influencing the chart, "No Chance" and "Pegasus Device" return to the top 10 and a new TAPS single debuts in it.

"Pink Pony" is a cover of the famous Eminem hit "The Real Slim Shady". James is credited with full instrumental production, idea, and even the lyrics. In a previous scenario where just the production for a VA's dub/cover was done by an established artist (My Time / All Levels at Once feat. Mickey M.), the precedent was set for said artist to have lead credit.

Anyway, the song currently dominates 2 metrics of the chart: views and likes. 2,900 likes in the tracking period put it in a far lead over everything else, and a whopping 73,000 views are also miles above runners-up. No votes currently support the song, but January's voting is soon approaching, so it could soon lead on all 3 metrics.

Holding at #2 is "Confrontation", receiving a boost from a new video. Previously, 2 videos were the primary supporters of chart points: the audio clip and a fan animatic. Now, an official animatic has been released by the artist Dragonfoxgirl, netting 4,000 views in the tracking week. In total, the song posts 29,250 views this week, a solid #2 placing on Views and a gain over last week. It also gained 450 likes this week, netting it #3 in that category.

Collapsing from its first week at #1, "Wild Fire" retreats to #3. 275 likes place it at #6 in that category, and 25,000 are a slight decline from last week, putting it at #3 on that category.

Holding at #4, "Rainbow Factory (Synthesia)" keeps strong in its final weeks. As announced in the last video, Synthesia videos will no longer be eligible to chart in March. This is because it has become increasingly apparent that the songs are more utilities to learn the song on piano than they are covers to listen to. In the meantime, however, it blasts in #11 on Likes with 175 points and keeps at #4 on Views with 18,000 points.

Returning to the top 5 from #7, "Do They Know It's Christmas?" takes advantage of good performance in all 3 metrics. It maintains 27 votes, making it #7 of the category, does 225 likes for a #9, and holds at #6 in Views with 10,000 of them. As you may have noticed, the rest of the top 5 do not have votes.

Trapped in #6 yet again is "We Dreamt Our Dream" with an improvement to #5 in Views but a deficiency in the Likes department with a start at #17.

The top debut for this week comes from TAPS, who starts at #7 with Battle. The song is powered by a #11 launch in Views with 7,000 points and a #2 start in Likes with 600 of them. This is notable for being both his first top 10 hit and his first hit without featured artists. The closest he had gotten before was Fallen, which spent one week in the top 50.

Continually recovering is "Soldiers of the Night", which moves 9-8 this week. The song leads Votes at #1, but decrements to 50 of them this week. It also starts unimpressively at #27 on Likes. However, Views gain this week to 5,000, a considerable gain from last week, to move up to #15 on that metric.

The first return to the top 10 this week "Pegasus Device", making a new peak moving 14-9. What's notable is that in all 3 appearances in the top 10 for the song, a different version was fueling each entry: the first official week of the chart started with the original version of the song at #10, and the re-entry to #10 in the summer was due to the Mush remix. This time, the only version counting is the PurpleRosalyn cover, which uses the original instrumentation. The song starts at #14 in Likes and moves up to #7 in Views.

The other return is "No Chance", moving 15-10. The song is barely hanging on at #34 in Votes, but starts at #10 in Likes and moves up to #9 in Views.

Off the top 10 are I Am a Parasprite (8-14), Applejack (10-21), and The Surface (5-22).

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