Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pink Ponies on Parade: AnimatedJames Leads a Third Week, and Melissa Gedeón Debuts in Top 10

The charts heat up as "The Real Pink Pony" secures its lead with Votes, "Applejack" returns to the top 10 after its Vote win for January, "Moonrise" returns powered by a new animatic, and Melissa Gedeón, dub actress for My Little Pony, makes a top debut with her own acoustic cover of "Smile"!

"The Real Pink Pony" is now represented on all 3 metrics of the Trot 100. Thanks to January's monthly that was recently released, the song now has 32 votes to keep it bolstered. In addition, it continues to lead Likes with 1225 and Views with 31,000.

Gunning for the top now is not Confrontation but rather, oddly, "Pegasus Device". The song powers 5-2 with 27,000 Views and 325 Likes. Now, it has been decided with March that this song shall be ineligible since it has been around since October 2013 in various forms. At least it will have gone with a bang!

Stumbling 2-3 is "Confrontation", which keeps up 300 Likes and 24,500 Views. It should be back at #2 next week, but as long as Pink Pony has Votes, it likely doesn't stand a chance.

"Rainbow Factory (Synthesia)" holds out at #4 yet again, with 200 Likes and 24,500 Views. As previously announced, the song will no longer be eligible along with all other Synthesia songs next week.

Dropping 3-5 is "Wild Fire", with 300 Likes but only 21,000 Views. Will this have the longevity of Stay from last year?

The top entry this week is also the first Spanish song to enter the charts, and its from the second voice actor from the show: Melissa Gedeón. As an acoustic solo artist, she has done covers of notable songs like "Break Free", and now she has released a cover of "Smile Smile Smile" titled "Reír", which enters the chart at #6. 300 Likes and 10,000 Views power its debut.

"We Dreamt Our Dream" retreats 6-7, after spending a nonconsecutive 6 weeks in that previous position. 100 Likes and 13,000 Views means it's slowly losing its momentum.

Re-entering the top 10, it's first time back in the zone since February 2014, is "Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera" at #8. A new animatic has debuted for the opening act of the song, and it provides 200 Likes and 9,000 Views.

"Applejack" returns to the top 10 25-9, making a new peak. The song is the new Vote metric champion, having gained 60 votes from January's results. It also has 100 Likes and 3,500 Views.

"Soldiers of the Night" fades 7-10. Votes continue to decrease to 44, and Views backtrack to 5,500. Likes are also down to 50.

Exiting the top 10 this week are "The Blob Symphony" (10-12), "Frailty" (9-13), and "Spitfire" (8-15).

Debuting just outside the top 10 at #11 is TAPS with "Poison Joke".

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