Monday, February 23, 2015

Re-Entering Conqueror: Vannamelon strings together a second #1; OhPonyBoy and SquareHead return to the Top 10

Vannamelon tops as an undisputed lead credit with the re-entering "Love is a Yummy S'more"...though AnimatedJames is involved yet again. Also, some new music video rules make "Confrontation" exit running for the top spot, and "Under Our Spell" and "The Blob Symphony" re-enter the top 10.

"S'more" leads thanks to giant boosts on the two live metrics. Note that this lead is due to AnimatedJames' new music video for the song, the second such instance in this chart's history (the first being "Beat It"). With the new rule in place, over these next 10 weeks, the view points coming from the video will decrement by .1 in weight each week. 9,500 likes and a whopping 140,000 views mean it holds a 494% lead over the #2, which is Vannamelon's own "The Real Pink Pony". The latter track continues to do well this week, with points coming from 31 votes (#5), 1,200 likes (#2), and 31,000 views (#2).

Another former #1 returns 5-3: "Wild Fire". 225 likes (#7) and 22,000 views (#4) keep it strong. Yet another #1 recovers this week with "Soldiers of the Night" moving 10-5. 6,500 views (#11), 41 votes (#3), and 75 likes (#28) power its return. One #1 that takes a major fall is "Confrontation", tumbling 3-8. Its fan animatic retroactively loses all of its point value, meaning it no longer counts this week. As such, the song now has 150 likes (#9) and 9,000 views (#7) to its credit.

Songs with dedicated videos that are judged to be a primary driver of points now decrement to 75% of their points counting towards the Trot 100. However, that hasn't done much to deter "Rainbow Factory (Synthesia)", which holds at #4. "We Dreamt Our Dream" stalls at #7 due to this move however. Benefitting despite this rule is "The Blob Symphony", moving back in 12-9.

The current votes leader (with 59), "Applejack", moves to a new peak 9-6.

Also re-entering the top 10 is "Under Our Spell (Remix)" at #10.

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