Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Returning Champ: BlackGryph0n & Baasik are Back at Top, Sim Gretina and Sayonara Maxwell debut new Show Remixes in Top 10

The IMmortal duo of BlackGryph0n and Baasik return to the top with their first #1, Fighting Back. Also, Fly Like You, its votes competitor, remains in the top 5. In addition, remixes of In Our Town and Make This Castle a Home from Sim Gretina and Sayonara Maxwell hit the zone (with the latter's #1 remix of In Our Town falling 1-9).

Fighting Back leads 2 metrics to sweep the overall #1 placement: It does 800 likes this week (#3), 30,500 views, and dominates votes with 73. Aiding it in the former 2 departments is the April Fools' video retitling the song as Fighting Freddy (as in of the horror video game series that many brony musicians have branched off to write music of), with the joke being that it's the same song.

Fighting leads The Real Pink Pony by practically the same ratio that the real Hot 100's See You Again beat out Uptown Funk this past week: 1.6 to 1. Pony commands a respectable 23 votes, 375 likes, and 22,000 views, but competition was too stiff this week.

Speaking of competition, there were 2 giant debuts this week, but not enough to top Pony this time around. Both are show remixes: the #3 goes to Sayonara Maxwell, whose remix of new song Make This Castle a Home commanded 1,000 likes and 14,000 views. The #4 meanwhile is claimed by Sim Gretina, who debuted a remix of In Our Town later than most but still managed 975 likes and 13,000 views.

Holding up remarkably well is Fly Like You, now on its second week in the top 5 with a 4-5 stumble and its fourth week both in the top 10 and overall. 63 votes are a big buoyancy, and 200 likes along with 6,000 views kept it steady.

My Past is Not Today falls 3-6. It remains mostly steady in views and likes, but its points are on decrement due to its status. It's companions are doing okay for the most part: Friendship Through the Ages recovers 21-18 and Life is a Runway is back 22-20.

Twilight Sunshine Remix holds at #7. More notably, Sinking Ships holds at its debut peak of #8. It tops its previous week views at 8,000 and also does 300 likes.

Last week's #1 beginner, In Our Town (Remix), is down to #9. 275 likes and 8,500 views keep it afloat.

Holding at #10 is Wild Fire. It currently is down to 125 likes and 9,500 views.

In Our Town (Starlight Glimmer Boss Remix) falls 6-41 and Battle of the Bands is down 9-49. Also notable is Love is a Yummy S'more!, no longer supported by music video points, crashing 13-76.

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