Saturday, April 25, 2015

Scratch21 & EileMonty Top the Trot 100: Big Debuts from Aviators, Sayonara, and Ferexes

We have a new #1 on the charts, and for once this season it's not a debut! Strangers, heavily boosted by its new music video, dominates the chart, while new entries from Aviators, Sayonara Maxwell, and animator Ferexes impact. OhPonyBoy also makes a long-delayed return to the top 10.

Strangers' big source of points is its new music video, featuring Button Mash, who Scratch21 voiced for JanAnimation's pilot episode of Button Mash's Adventures. 28,000 views and 1,750 likes give the song a safe #1 lead (over what you can guess, but it'll be elaborated later). The song has spent 17 on the chart prior, peaking with a top 40 debut but nothing groundbreaking. This makes it the second-longest wait to a #1 since Wild Fire got to the top on its 23rd week (speaking of the song, it recovers slightly 10-9 this week, with 150 likes and 10,500 views). It's also EileMonty's second #1 (after I Am a Parasprite) and Scratch21's first.

Trailing at #2 is The Real Pink Pony, holding its position. As always it keeps a solid mix of all 3 metrics, with 24,500 views, 400 likes, and 22 votes, but it wasn't even a match for the #1 this week, with Strangers leading by 45.5% in points.

Last week's #1, Fighting Back, drops 1-3. 72 votes are a big bolster along with 175 likes and 12,000 views, but it fights a close battle with the top debut of the week: The Renegade by...Ferexes? Yes, the animator has finally made another track and this one manages to snag a fair amount of crossover fans despite the lack of his trademark animation. It starts with 1,000 likes and 12,000 views. Fighting Back beats it by 4.9%.

Also debuting is a new cover from Sayonara Maxwell at #5: a metal rendition of Rainbow Factory. 900 likes and 9,000 views get it started.

The final top 10 debut is also strung along, a cover of What's Up by Aviators that happens to be a giant vocal collab that means Luna Jax, Energy Brony, and Jasper get their first top 10. The song is launched with 8,500 views and 850 likes.

To conclude, Fly Like You falls 5-7, We Dreamt Our Dream returns to the top 10 13-8, and My Past is Not Today falls 6-10. Out of the top 10 are In Our Town (Sim Gretina Remix) (4-11), Twilight Sunshine Remix (7-13), Sinking Ships (8-19), and In Our Town (Sayonara Maxwell Remix) (9-29).

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