Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sayonara Maxwell tops Trot 100; Joined by Multiple In Our Town Covers and Remixes.

Sayonara Maxwell leads his first solo #1, a cover of In Our Town. In addition, microThunder and Delta Brony make their first top 10 appearances while GatoPaint returns in a collab.

In Our Town (Remix) ends up the top debut of the week, following the debut of Season 5 on Saturday. This is Sayonara's first solo #1: his PMV/Russian cover of Five Nights at Freddy's made the song eligible, but it wasn't until the English PMV (with primary credit to The Living Tombstone) entered tracking that it topped. 900 likes and 31,000 views meant it was actually ridiculously tight with the #2: yet again, it's The Real Pink Pony challenging for the top spot. It hosts good showings in all 3 metrics: 24 votes, 425 likes, and 32,000 views. Without likes, this challenge would've resulted in Pink Pony on the top this week.

There are other remixes of the opener song as well. In Our Town (Starlight Glimmer Boss Remix) by Delta Brony is the second-biggest, starting at #6. This is Delta Brony's highest debut, and also his first top 10. 425 likes and 13,500 views contribute to its lofty start. Also, outside of the top 10, there are renditions of the song by DJDelta0 & Weim Time (#12), 174UDSI (#24), and SharaX (#26).

Last week's #1, My Past is Not Today, stumbles to #3. Due to its status as an official-but-not-commercial song enables its (and the other 2 songs) eligibility, but due to the magnitude of difference in views, its weighting is severe. It runs over 2,000,000 views this week, but with 1% weight. All 3 songs have the same weight, so Friendship Through the Ages drops 2-21 and Life is a Runway drops 3-22.

The new votes for March's songs result in 2 big surges: Fly Like You, now outfitted with 64 votes, jumps 10-4, hitting a new peak. Fighting Back, the top voted song with 74 votes, recovers 11-5. It might be able to challenge for #1 again thanks to a new clip that will be eligible next week.

Former #1 Twilight Sunshine Remix recovers 8-7. It is being weighted against, but on the virality of the mini-clip alone it performs an aggregate 10,500 views and 625 likes.

Debuting at #8 is Sinking Ships by microThunder and FritzyBeat. This is Thunder's first top 10 and FritzyBeat's second as a co-credit; he had previously hit with Cold as the third credit. 750 likes and 8,000 views start it off.

At #9 is Battle of the Bands, a new cover by EileMonty and GatoPaint. Eile is no stranger to the top 10 after Moon Rise had multiple runs and Parasprite launched at #1, and Gato had recently entered as a feature on Aviators' Under the Surface. In any case, this song starts with 650 likes and 8,000 views.

Wild Fire drops 9-10. It only has 2 more weeks before it will be ineligible without a top 10 slot and 3 more before top 5.

Love is a Yummy S'more (6-13), Neverending Strife (7-17), and Love Me Cheerilee (5-18) all drop out of the top 10.

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