Tuesday, January 20, 2015

AnimatedJames Leads a 6th Week on Newly Revitalized Trot 100

"Winter" leads for a 6th week with losses, while the chart receives a bolster from a compensation for vote points not taken off from June to December.
"Winter" leads the chart with 84k points, a decline despite being featured on the top 25 year-end songs of 2014 community vote list. Whether views pick up next week will determine if it shall remain on this chart at all, as holiday recurrency still applies.

"Wild Fire" is priming to finally crown next week, as it pushes 31k views this week. Could The Living Tombstone be primed for another long-lasting charter for 2015? The song already has 22 weeks on the chart.

"Confrontation" holds at #3, though it stumbles to 26k views. It could be a series of on-and-offs for the current #2 and #3 to take the top once "Winter" passes.

Returning to the top 5 6-4, "Rainbow Factory (Synthesia)"gains 15.5k views. It now hits 31 weeks on the chart.

Christmas is still strong on the charts, as "Do They Know It's Christmas?" holds at #5 with 29 votes and 10k views. MandoPony also gains with his Megabyte Brony collab "Spitfire", pushing 35 votes and 6k views to re-enter the top 10 18-9. Primarily aiding the latter is a new lyric video, featuring more dynamic effects than the original lyric/audio clip.

"We Dreamt Our Dream" returns to its peak 9-6 once again with 12k views. OhPonyBoy's "Blob Symphony" also recovers 19-17.

In conclusion, "I Am a Parasprite" retreats 4-7 (11.5k), "Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?" holds at #8 (11k), and Soldiers of the Night takes the biggest fall from the rule change, crashing 7-10 (56 votes, 2.75k).

"Tell Me" exits the top 10 10-14.

The Hot Shot Debut is once again Archie, with "Main Street" entering at #16. Last week's Hot Shot, "Your Life", remains at hit 15-35.

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