Wednesday, January 7, 2015

AnimatedJames spends a 4th week at #1

AnimatedJames leads again with "Winter", and though there are no new top 10 entries, there is still some shaking up this week!
"Winter" maintains its lead for a fourth week, matching AnimatedJames' own "Brony Polka" in weeks at #1. The song gains 101k views this week, a decline from the previous but still leagues ahead of its competitors.

"Wild Fire" holds at #2, but posts big losses. Backed now by only 9 votes, views tumble to 40k as the remix begins stabilizing in views. After "Winter" fades, will it still be in line to take #1?

It appears not, as "Confrontation" recovers 4-3 this week with notable gains. The Jekyll & Hyde cover posts 30k views this week, which appear to still be growing. Competitor "Soldiers of the Night" also recovers 5-4. Once again, 2.5k views take a backseat to a horde of votes, this time down to 91.

"Do You Want to See the Moon Rise" is back in the top 5, moving 7-5 this week. After stalling at #7 for a week, this Frozen cover finally makes gains with 14.5k views. Note that the song will officially be ineligible starting with the chart dated 2/7/15. In addition, after that date, it has been decided that all remaining Christmas songs ("Winter" included) will be automatically ineligible if they do not bullet.

The piano rendition of "Rainbow Factory" returns 9-6 this week,  fueled by 12.5k views. The group headed by WeimTime have also recently done a piano version of The Living Tombstone's hit "Five Nights at Freddie's". However, as with that song, it is ineligible.

Last week's Hot Shot, "Do They Know It's Christmas?", has tumbled 3-7 this week. Despite the fall, it still pushes an impressive 12k views. Note that it too is subject to the recurrent rule mentioned previously.

To conclude, the top 10 movers of last week both stumble this week, which were "We Dreamt Our Dream" (6-8, 11k) and SquareHead's "Under Our Spell" (8-9, 10k), while "Tell Me" holds at #10 with 67 votes and 2.5k views.

Also worth noting is the Hot Shot entry of Delta Brony with his Dazzlings take on the "Casino Night Zone" theme at #21.

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