Tuesday, January 13, 2015

AnimatedJames sets a record 5th week at #1

Beating out "Brony Polka"'s 4 weeks at the top, "Winter" makes the most of its limited time left and joins "I Am a Parasprite" in surging up the top 10 this week.

"Winter" (holding at #1) decreases slightly in views, but not as much as forecast (predictions were between 85-90k, and the final total is 97.5k). This is in part due to JHaller's December votes video, which gave "Winter" the #1 placement (Incidentally, votes for that chart do not apply directly, as turnout is drastically different from the music votes). As it was late in the tracking week, there is a good chance it will gain next week. However, whether it will keep it up for 2 weeks later (2/7/15) is what's important, as holiday recurrency means it will be gone if it fails to do so. If it drops off, it will be only the second #1 to drop from the top, after Halloween Rocks fell off in its one week on the Brony Music Billboard (it tumbles 36-39 this week).

"Wild Fire" continues a downward trend, but not as severe as last week, holding at #2. The song logs 38k views this week, down from 40k last week. It's also down to 7 votes supporting it, as December's top 10 did not include it. Meanwhile, competition "Confrontation" holds at #3 but drops in views. 28.5k views were gained this week.

"I Am a Parasprite" returns spectacularly to the top 10 17-4. Its boost is also from exposure related to the video top 10, earning 15k views. In close competition (only .2% behind!), "Do They Know It's Christmas?" recovers 7-5 this week. 11k views were earned, and 30 votes were added this week from December's top 10. For those keeping track, the song will stick around until either all votes are gone or it naturally goes recurrent.

"Rainbow Factory (Synthesia)" holds at #6 (13.5k), gaining an edge over falling "Soldiers of the Night" (4-7, 2.25k, 88 votes). This is the first time Rainbow Factory has an edge over Soldiers on the Trot 100, as it peaked at #2 the same time Soldiers peaked at #1.

"Do You Want to See the Moon Rise" retreats 5-8 (11k), "We Dreamt Our Dream" dulls 8-9 (10.5k), and "Tell Me" holds for a third week at #10 (65 votes, 2.5k).

"Under Our Spell (Remix)" drops off the top 10 after 2 weeks 9-12 (9.5k).

Archie makes a return as a lead artist. The Hot Shot by a long shot (*badumtsh*) is "Your Life" at #15, having earned 8.75k views in its first week.

As for other songs from December's top 10:

  • Apple Orchard (Debut: 56)
  • Be a Bolt (94-33)
  • Faded (51-21)
  • Friendship (Re-entry: 51)
  • Golden Light (Re-entry: 49)
  • The Heart Carol (Re-entry: 58)
  • My Sweet Peace (Re-entry: 36)
  • Otherwise (99-23)
  • What If (Re-entry: 53)

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