Monday, January 26, 2015

Wild Fire crowns the Trot 100 amid 3 Top 10 debuts

MandoPony and Silva Hound officially nab their first #1 on the Trot 100, as Wild Fire climbs 2-1. The rock-electro collab's crowning heralds in a new month where "Winter" and "Moon Rise" go recurrent and in their place are 3 new songs in the top 10.

"Wild Fire" may be credited primarily to MandoPony and Silva Hound, but there's one other key player in this: The Living Tombstone, whose remix of the song is the primary driver of views. Of the 26,000 views driven this week, 24,000 of them originate from the remix. Thus, The Living Tombstone drives a fourth song to the top, following his own "Stop the Bats (Remix)" and "Five Nights at Freddy's" along with his remix credit for Knife Pony's "Stay". Views drop by 16% from last week, yet it gains a position; this is because "Winter's F---ed Up" indeed did not bullet this week and is now off the chart as a holiday recurrent. Also off is "Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?" along with minor tracks "The Heart Carol" (the Artem Yegorov version) and "Snowblind". Now, 2 songs that were in danger actually posted notable gains this week to stick around. "Winter Wonderland", off the chart last week, re-enters at #78. Also notable, the cover of the Family Guy version of "All I Really Want for Christmas This Year" moves back to the top 50 80-47.

Returning in competing for the top, but posting losses, is "Confrontation", recovering 3-2. Views drop to 23,000 this week, a 12% loss. If its views end up dropping more stably than "Wild Fire", it still has prospects for #1.

The first and biggest of the debuts for the week is from the team of AnimatedJames and Vannamelon: a cover of Eminem titled "The Real Pink Pony" lands at #3 with 15,500 views. This is AnimatedJames' third top 5 entry and Vannamelon's first; the latter had previously made the top 20 with a cover of "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen.

Holding at #4 is "Rainbow Factory (Synthesia)". Its 13,500 views are a 13% loss from last week.

Aviators makes a top 5 debut with "The Surface" at #5, which features GatoPaint and earned 11,000 views. This is Aviators' fifth top 10 and GatoPaint's first; the latter had missed the top 40 with his first hit with the voters: "Half Beast".

Holding at its peak for a fourth total week, "We Dreamt Our Dream" remains comfortable at #6. With an 8% drop in views to 11,000, it's very stable. After the top 10 debuts are out of the way next week, it seems the most poised to make a new peak.

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" retreats 5-7. Powered by 28 votes and 8,000 views, it loses 7% of its points this week.

The final of the 3 debuts in the top 10 is from Ponyphonic, matching the #10 debut of "Harmony Ascendant" with "Applejack". The track launches into the zone with 9,500 views.

To conclude, "I Am a Parasprite" stumbles 7-8 (10,500), and "Soldiers of the Night" recovers 10-9 (53 votes, 3,500). "Spitfire" falls out of the top 10 9-13.

Also, as a note, I'm beginning to collect data on likes, which are the closest this chart can come to sales data since it is a one-time deal for users. If it goes well, expect next week to reflect the change.

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