Thursday, January 1, 2015

AnimatedJames Spends a Third Week at #1

Welcome to the new chart site! The Equestrian Trot 100 improves in multiple ways from the Brony Music Billboard: the number of songs, the method of data collection, and also the recurrency and depreciation rules. On every Wednesday, data is collected, and the top 10 shall be announced in a post like this.

The chart has now been running under this methodology for 5 weeks prior to now, so some things have already happened:

  • Soldiers of the Night began the chart year at #1 (12/6/14).
  • Confrontation made #1 (12/13/14).
  • I Am a Parasprite debuted at #1 and OhPonyBoy made a top 10 debut (12/20/14)
  • Winter's F***ed Up debuted at #1 and Aviators made a top 10 debut (12/27/14)
  • Winter's F***ed Up remained at #1, Wild Fire surged to #2 thanks to the new remix, and Do You Want to See the Moon Rise returned to the top 10. (1/3/14)
This week's big news is that "Winter" holds at #1 for a third week, while Mandopony's megacollaboration Do They Know It's Christmas debuts at #3, We Dreamt Our Dream returns to the top 10, and Squarehead's Under Our Spell remix climbs into the top 10 for the first time. More info past the break!

"Winter" is AnimatedJames' second entry onto the chart, after "Brony Polka" topped the Brony Music Billboard for 4 weeks. However, his influence on the chart has been notable: his animation for "Beat It" propelled to the most weeks on the top of the Brony Music Billboard. "Winter" tops entirely based on views, having moved 120k in the tracking period, which was the week after Christmas.

Once again, competition was tight. Wild Fire remains at #2, still strongly propelled by the Living Tombstone remix, was only beaten by 35%, which could easily turn around next week. The song pulled in 85k views in the week, and also had slight points from the value of 11 votes.

The week's top debut is from Mandopony, who organized a massive collaboration to cover the popular British charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?", at #3. The song features a whopping 18 singers, including chart alumni Turquoise Splash, Chi-Chi, Vannamelon, Luna Jax, L-Train, Vocal Score, and SkyBolt. 36k views mean Wild Fire beats it by 142%, but it still tops former #1 Confrontation handily, which falls 3-4.

That song is still bulleting however, mainly through its animatic video gaining. 26k views mean the song is actually doing better than the week that it was at #1. It's merely a matter of timing that it isn't still topping.

Another former #1 holds this week at #5: Soldiers of the Night. A piddling 2.5k views don't do much for the song; instead, it's the song's 93 votes that keep it strong. (Note that songs that have monthly votes depreciate a set value per week. It starts off at 1, then increases by 1 every 3 months. This means "Soldiers" will start going down 3 votes per week once December's votes are revealed.)

We Dreamt Our Dream returns to the top 10 and back in its peak debut position of #6. OhPonyBoy previously entered the chart with The Blob Symphony at the same rank, which falls 14-18 this week. "Dream" returns to the top 10 with 12k views.

After returning to the top 10 last week, "Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?" holds at #7. The song actually gains notably (but again, timing) thanks to its 3D animation video, which gives it a combined 11k views this week, also pushing the song to official Platinum status as the song and animation video combined total past 1 million for the first time this week. However, holiday recurrency will soon have the song gone: previous years' holiday songs that only got popular this year will be gone the final week of January, and holiday songs originating from this year (i.e. "Winter", "Do They Know") will be automatically off the first chart week of spring.

Entering the top 10 at #8 is Squarehead's remix of Under Our Spell. Under Brony Music Billboard methodology, views couldn't be collected as a claim by Hasbro prevented stats from being visible. However, the new method allows for such things, revealing that this week it gains by 11k views.

Finally in summary, Rainbow Factory (Synthesia) falls 6-9 (11k) and Tell Me tumbles 8-10 (1.5k, 69 votes).

Expect a full chart post after the 5 previous weeks are up.

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