Sunday, May 3, 2015

Strangers leads a Second Week; Eurobeat Brony debuts

The duo of EileMonty and Scratch21 lead a second week, proxy success cause surges for The Living Tombstone and EileMonty's tracks, and Eurobeat Brony launches a second song in the top 10.

Strangers keeps a fairly strong lead this week, with continued streaming of the new music video. An aggregate 1,750 likes and 38,500 views (since the video now is weighted 90%) are actually a significant gain from last week, and this is due to a video of "Dark Horse" done by EileMonty featuring MLP voices going viral (more on that at the end).

Trailing behind, Wild Fire surges 9-2. 400 likes and 29,000 views have accumulated this week. This is also due to a proxy success, in this case being the new Five Nights at Freddy's song "Die in a Fire" (which additionally features the vocals of EileMonty).

The Real Pink Pony slips 2-3 this week, though it keeps strong. 21 votes, 300 likes, and 19,500 views are drops in all metrics, but it's still well in the top 5 after a full season.

Re-entering at #4 due to a reupload is Battle of the Bands, as in the cover by EileMonty and GatoPaint. Sporting 950 likes and 13,500 views, it actually beats the #9 peak it started at 3 weeks ago.

Falling 3-5 is Fighting Back.

Surging back into the top 10 is Cupcakes (Remix) by Sayonara Maxwell 12-6. It's strong in all metrics, with 38 votes, 450 likes, and 11,000 views, and it's primarily boosted this week from a new instrumental upload.

Another re-entry this week is Rainbow Factory (Synthesia), now getting points from its Pegasus Device spinoff at #7. An aggregate 650 likes and 11,500 views spark its revival.

The top entry of the week is In Our Town (Eurotopia Mix), Eurobeat Brony's first top 10 since "Batty" last year. It also misses that song's #7 peak, but does manage an impressive 600 likes and 9,000 views.

The recent EileMonty attention is giving proxy effect to I Am a Parasprite as well, sparking its return to the top 10 25-9.

Rainbow Factory (Metal) drops 5-10. Off the top 10 are We Dreamt Our Dream (8-11), Fly Like You (7-13), My Past is Not Today (10-22), What's Up (6-23), and The Renegade (4-38).

As a post-note, Dark Horse will be eligible next week, as the lyrics change enough and the content is clearly pony enough. Likewise, I've reversed judgement on What's Up, which will be gone next week. Expect the former to sweep #1 for a couple of weeks...

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