Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dark Horse leads a second week; Aviators debuts in the Top 10

EileMonty wins by a safe margin to most songs, but she faces stiff competition from...EileMonty. Dark Horse drops about 71% and Strangers gains by 93%, though the former beats the latter by 34%. In addition, Aviators hits the top 10 with a third representation for his Building Better Worlds album (and fourth on the Trot 100 from the album).

Dark Horse naturally experiences a dropoff from its first week, though it still has amazing stats. It commands over 100,000 views once again, this time with 134,500 specifically, and it dominates likes with 5,000. However, its weeks at the top could be cut off early thanks to the last #1, Strangers, which is currently surging even as the weight against its music video continues. It posts an aggregate 102,000 views and 4,050 likes.

Former #1 The Real Pink Pony holds at #3. Its views hold and likes gain to 390, but its votes are now dropping off in increments of 2 thanks to the new votes. Meanwhile, the rest of the top 5 holds, as Fighting Back and Battle of the Bands stick to their switchup last week.

EileMonty's I Am A Parasprite continues proxy resurgence, rising 7-6, and We Dreamt Our Dream gains 9-7.

Aviators launches in the top 10 with Heaven Knows, inspired by the fanfiction "All But Two". The track starts with 5,400 views and 750 likes.

Fly Like You rises 10-9 and I'll Fly (Remix) falls but sticks in the top 10 6-10 after its debut. Out is Making Cupcakes, falling 8-24.

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