Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Strangers Returns a Third Week; Eligibility Changes for Midyear

In an effort to prevent total top 10 lockdowns as have been going on for essentially the whole last season, the chart has now partitioned off both pop song covers and utility songs to their own chart. In this move, Strangers returns to #1, 2 songs return to the top 10, and 1 song debuts.
Strangers, no longer competing with Dark Horse and Shake it Off, is now the clear victor for the chart. An aggregate 2,000 likes and 91,500 views keep it at a monstrous 391% lead over #2, which is now Eile's own Battle of the Bands, moving up 5-2. That song keeps up 18,500 views and 400 likes.

Two vote champions are on the top 10. Fighting Back inches up 4-3 with 68 votes, 125 likes, and an aggregate 9,000 views. Returning to the top 10 is Sinking Ships, blasting 12-8, its old peak. Expect it to move further next week following the new music video produced by OhPonyBoy. Speaking of, We Dreamt Our Dream finally hits the top 5 in a 7-5 move this week. Companion debut I Am a Parasprite holds at #6.

Speaking of debuts, the one top 10 debut this week is Destination Paradise by Foozogz featuring Chi-Chi at #7. It lands with 600 likes and 6,300 views. Last week's big debut, Heaven Knows, climbs 8-4 following its first full week of tracking.

Finally, in summary, Fly Like You holds at #9 and Cupcakes (Remix) climbs 11-10.

As for this new chart that is yet to have a name, here is its top 10 this week:

#1: Dark Horse
#2: Shake it Off
#3: The Real Pink Pony
#4: You'll Play Your Part (Synthesia)
#5: Anthropology (Synthesia)
#6: Confrontation
#7: Fluttershys
#8: Making Cupcakes
#9: My Past is Not Today
#10: Friendship Through the Ages

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