Sunday, May 31, 2015

Strangers Extends Reign; DJ Pon-3 Debuts New Top 10 Tracks

Strangers leads for a fourth week (or sixth, more on that before the regularly scheduled programming), while DJ Pon-3 lands 2 more songs in the top 10 and Sim Gretina debuts another monster hit remix.
So, as reported last week, songs that are in the following categories no longer apply to the Trot 100 but to their own separate (and still unnamed) chart:

  • Covers of pop songs (it doesn't if it's been voted or has lyrics changed/ponified; it's still not making it here due to the severe proxy effect, as demonstrated by Beat It, Dark Horse, and now Shake it Off.
  • Songs tangentially related to pony and connected strongly to another fandom/thing. For example, several of Delta Brony's tracks, like You Will Know Our Names, are mashups of pony and a video game series, and thus are not on the Trot 100 tracking anymore.
  • Utility songs, where the focus is not on the track but as a training/talent tool. The latter isn't used yet (though it's possible Reir might've been reconsidered for eligibility at the time due to it; for now, in retroactive, I leave it eligible), but the former is invoked in the numerous Synthesia covers, notably from DJDelta0, often paired up with WeimTime for visual presentation.
  • Official songs that have not appeared in the show and movies. Primarily, this is to allow the Equestria Girls Shorts songs to finish their runs; it probably won't factor in again.
Now, the year-end has also been adjusted so that songs that were formerly on the Trot 100 but got moved no longer factor. In effect, this means some of the peaks and, most importantly, #1s changed. Let's take a look:
  • December 6: Soldiers of the Night
  • December 13: Soldiers of the Night
  • December 20: I Am a Parasprite
  • December 27: Winter's F***ed Up
  • January 3: Winter's F***ed Up
  • January 10: Winter's F***ed Up
  • January 17: Winter's F***ed Up
  • January 24: Winter's F***ed Up
  • January 31: Winter's F***ed Up
  • February 7: Wild Fire
  • February 14: Wild Fire
  • February 21: Wild Fire
  • February 28: Pegasus Device
  • March 7: Wild Fire
  • March 14: Wild Fire
  • March 21: Cupcakes (Remix)
  • March 28: Wild Fire
  • April 4: Fighting Back
  • April 11: Twilight Sunshine Remix
  • April 18: Love Me Cheerilee
  • April 25: In Our Town (Remix)
  • May 2: Fighting Back
  • May 9: Strangers
  • May 16: Strangers
  • May 23: Strangers
  • May 30: Strangers
  • June 6: Strangers
  • June 13: Strangers
Peaks will be updated in the near future.

Anyway, back to this week's update, Strangers continues its lead and with less competition than usual. With aggregate 1,250 likes and 68,500 views, it holds a 2:1 lead over the #2. In this case, it's actually a new track: Sim Gretina's remix of I'll Fly. That starts with 1,500 likes but only 25,000 views. His remix of In Our Town also falls 12-15 this week..

The one song moving up in the top 10 this week is Sinking Ships, charging 8-3 thanks to the new music video, produced by OhPonyBoy. The song now holds strong numbers in all 3 metrics, with 21,500 views, 1,100 likes, and 24 votes. Also, in OhPonyBoy news, We Dreamt Our Dream drops 5-8 while Only Pony returns to the top 50 in a 60-49 move.

Also in big starts, DJ Pon-3, the Czech EDM producer, launches two new tracks to massive starts. Ponies lands at #4, having 1,500 likes and 15,000 views, while I'll Fly (Remix) soars to #7 with 700 likes and 8,000 views.

To summarize, Battle of the Bands and Fighting Back fall 2-5 and 3-6, I Am a Parasprite drops 6-9, and Fly Like You falls comparatively less 9-10. Out of the top 10 are Cupcakes (10-11), Heaven Knows (4-21), and Destination Paradise (7-40).

Also, the top ten for the still unnamed chart:

1. Shake it Off (Peak: 1, Last Week: 2, Weeks On: 2)
2. Dark Horse (Peak: 1, Last Week: 1, Weeks On: 4)
3. All About That Bass Cannon (Peak: 3, Last Week: -, Weeks On: 1)
4. The Real Pink Pony (Peak: ?, Last Week: 3, Weeks On: ?)
5. You'll Play Your Part (Synthesia) (Peak: ?, Last Week: 4, Weeks On: ?)
6. Anthropology (Synthesia) (Peak: ?, Last Week: 5, Weeks On: ?)
7. Making Cupcakes (Peak: ?, Last Week: 8, Weeks On: ?)
8. Fluttershys (Peak: ?, Last Week: 7, Weeks On: ?)
9. My Past is Not Today (Peak: 1, Last Week: 9, Weeks On: ?)
10. Life is a Runway (Peak: 3, Last Week: -, Weeks On: ?)

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