Sunday, May 10, 2015

EileMonty tops with a new lead, microThunder and L-Train make giant debuts

EileMonty continues her chart dominance, taking both the top 2 slots by a landslide and holding 2 more positions in the top 10. New songs from The L-Train (with former #1 artist Vannamelon) and microThunder also land in the top 10.

Dark Horse launches to the top with frightening dominance. A whopping 215,000 views and 10,500 likes give it one of the highest launches for a fan video on this chart. With 67,000 chart points, it is now the first song to launch in that zone since "Winter's F***ed Up" on the very last week of December. This song, along with her vocal appearance on "Die in a Fire" (which is not going to be eligible for the chart at any point, sorry), have made the top 10 the EileMonty show in essence. Strangers, with her featured by Scratch21, falls 1-2 but with significant gains to an aggregate 2,400 likes and 49,000 views. Battle of the Bands falls 4-5 but keeps strong from its redebut with 400 likes and 11,500 views. Finally, I Am a Parasprite gains 9-7.

The Real Pink Pony holds at #3. Views and likes hold steady from last week, but votes are decrementing. Next week, provided the April votes come on time, it'll begin dropping 2 votes per week.

Fighting Back regains 5-4. 150 likes are decent, but it's the 20,000 views that are keeping it in the zone.

The second-biggest debut this week comes from microThunder, making his second top 10 after "Sinking Ships" (which recovers 30-25 this week). It is a remix of the latest show song, I'll Fly, and it soars in with 600 likes and 9,500 views.

Also launching in the top 10 is The L-Train, also with his sophomore top 10 following 2 runs for "Moonrise". This one's a cover of "Sweating Bullets" by Megadeth entitled Making Cupcakes, and it features vocals by Vannamelon, credited to 2 former #1s. ("Love is a Yummy S'more!" staggers back 100-96 this week) The track starts at #8 with 500 likes and 8,000 views.

Back in the top 10 after 1-week absences are We Dreamt Our Dream (11-9) and Fly Like You (13-10). Off the top 10 are Cupcakes (6-11), Wild Fire (2-X), Rainbow Factory (Synthesia) (7-X), In Our Town (Eurotopia Mix) (8-47), and Rainbow Factory (Metal) (10-34).

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