Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Glaze Leads a Fifth Week; Vylet Leads a Second Song to Top 10

Prototype maintains the top position, while shakeups occur further down the chart due to the new votes. In particular, one track returns to the top 10 and another climbs in for the first time!

Prototype (VIP) holds on with decent figures in all metrics. Thanks to the new votes, it is now only the 6th-highest song in votes (46). It's also the fourth most liked song of the week, though it is the top song for that metric that is not a debut (135). Its best category is views, where it is #2 behind We Dreamt Our Dream (10,750).

Speaking of that song, it holds in its peak position of #3, with leading views (11,500) and decent likes (55). At 37 weeks on, it will need to hold this position or rise next week, or else it will finally fall recurrent.

Friendship Through the Ages holds on to the silver spot of #2. As always, votes are the big factor, while likes and views are still average.

'Bucka climbs to the top 10, in a giant 74-9 move. The 57 votes it received in the latest poll aid it greatly.

Ace of My Heart returns to the top 10 in a 26-10 climb. 27 votes aid it, but its 50 likes also help.

In terms of moves, Fighting Back inches 5-4, Generosity (Remix) recovers 6-5, Your Own Sky jumps 8-6, My Past is Not Today (Remix) hits a new peak 9-7, and Fly Like You rubberbands 10-8.

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