Friday, August 7, 2015

Sayonara Maxwell Leads Again with Generosity (Remix)

Sayonara Maxwell leads the Trot 100 for the second time this year with Generosity (Remix). In this relatively calm week, there are no giant debuts, but still some interesting movement!
Generosity (Remix), which debuted last week at #4, experiences a major boost in its second week, allowing it to crown. While likes declined to 425, views majorly picked up, with 17,500 of them this week. Sayonara's other charting entries also received a proxy boost: Cupcakes (Remix) (a third #1 if you take into account the new eligibility rules) rises 17-14, former #1 In Our Town (Remix) climbs 70-64, and Rainbow Factory (Metal) rebounds 79-74.

This chart, thanks to having no new entries and for former big songs keeping up longevity, has quite a few former #1s in the top 10. Prototype (VIP) climbs 5-2, Friendship Through the Ages zooms 6-3, and Fighting Back rebounds 8-5. The last #1 didn't fare quite as well, however: Rio's Ballad plunks down 1-10.

We Dreamt Our Dream returns to its peak 7-4. This good news comes at the same time as Only Pony drops off the chart for recurrency. At 36 weeks on the chart, it needs to be in the top 5 next week to remain eligible. Similarly, Under Our Spell (Remix) hits a new peak 10-6 on its 35th week. In this case, it'll need to remain in the top 10 next week to remain.

Your Own Sky recovers 9-7 this week. This happens in the week of Ace of My Heart drops 2-15, 12115 stumbles 28-30, and Left Behind crashes 32-41. Also out of the top 10, Back Again leaves 3-18.

Returning to the top 10 because of this are Fly Like You (11-8) and My Past is Not Today (Remix) (12-9). The latter track is now credited to Strigidae as the lead credit. Also, in Wasteland Wailers news, Mail it In rubberbands for the first time 63-55 and Sky and Me returns to the top half 52-47.

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