Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rio's Ballad #1 for Second Week Amid 3 Top 5 Debuts

This was a busy week for debuts, with 3 launching in the top 5 zone. However, Rio's Ballad remains at the top for a second week.
Rio's Ballad, subject to music video rules, runs at 95% points this week. Regardless, it manages an adjusted 750 likes and 18,000 views. This gives it a 15% advantage over the nearest competition.

That happens to be the first debut for the week, Ace of My Heart by Prince Whateverer. It starts with 1,000 views and 12,500 views. It acts as followup to former #1 Left Behind, which rebounds 33-32.

In the #3 is Back Again by Archie. It's his first top 10 in the current eligibility rules, as Violet Eyes and Earthbound do not qualify. It starts with 950 likes and 12,300 views, losing to Ace by only 3.7%.

Our final big debut is Generosity (Remix) by Sayonara Maxwell. This non-current remix follows Cupcakes (Remix), which falls 13-17 this week.

Former #1s get quite the boot thanks to the new arrivals: Prototype (VIP) falls 3-5, and Friendship Through the Ages crashes 2-6.

As for the rest of the top 10, We Dreamt Our Dream stumbles 5-7, Fighting Back falls 6-8, Your Own Sky deflates 7-9, and Under Our Spell (Remix) returns to the top 10 12-10.

Off the top 10 are Fly Like You (8-11), My Past is Not Today (Remix) (9-12), Duelling DAWs (10-16), and I'll Fly (Remix) (4-21).

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