Saturday, August 29, 2015

6 Weeks for Glaze; SophiiVA climbs to Top 10, and PON3 returns

While Prototype (VIP) continues its lead, the July votes continue exerting their influence, with a song back in the top 10 and one newly in because of them.

Prototype (VIP) leads with continued good figures in all metrics, though it continues to slowly decline. 45 votes keep it strong, but 50 likes are a bit of a downgrade though 11,500 views are the second big bolster. It is now at a 22% lead over Friendship Through the Ages. As in past weeks, it suffers the same imbalance of metrics, though the two songs' likes are now basically even.

We Dreamt Our Dream holds at #3 for a third week. In all likelihood, this will be its last week: by recurrency rules, it needs to be #2 next week or higher to remain, and it is currently behind Friendship 22%. Still, it is well ahead of any competition to be #1 song of the year!

July's votes came in last week, and now the rest of the metrics respond in kind, sending two songs to the top zone: the first and less notable is Wireless, riding off both the original and Vylet/Sylver remix to climb 12-9. The more staggering growth is that of Nightmares by SophiiVA, which zooms 16-6. The song is also boosted by 174UDSI's new remix this week.

Speaking of Vylet, his other songs in the top 10 do well. In the heat of all this movement, My Past is Not Today, which is primarily a Strigidae credit, only slips 7-8. More interesting is 'Bucka, which takes full advantage of its win in a surge 9-7, a new peak for the song and a match for career best for Vylet!

Prince Whateverer has a more mixed week. Your Own Sky returns to the top 5 in a 6-5 move, but Ace of My Heart actually falters in its second week of votes, slipping out of the zone 10-11.

As for the rest of the top 10, Fighting Back holds at #4, and Fly Like You retreats again 8-10. Along with Ace, Generosity (Remix) topples out 5-17.

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