Friday, August 21, 2015

Glaze Leads a Fourth Week; Pinkie Rose Gets New Top 10

Prototype (VIP) returns to the lead position for a fourth nonconsecutive week. It's another relatively calm week, but unlike the last, there's a new top 10 debut in town...

Prototype (VIP) leads through decent figures in all 3 metrics, moving up from the runner-up slot. It holds 47 votes, 140 likes, and 11,000 views. Though this is far from an impressive holding, giving it a total of about 3,800 points (on most weeks, the #1 racks about 4,500 to 6,000), it stills gives it a 30% advantage on the runner-up.

That would be Friendship Through the Ages, climbing 3-2. Though its 95 votes are impressive, it stalls in the other categories, taking 40 likes and 2,250 views. Regardless, there is good news for lead artist Pinkie Rose: she is featured on the biggest debut of the week, a cover of the Lena Hall song I Am Just a Pony by BassBeastJD that launches at #4. Though the original version has yet to be released, demand for this cover is high, with 265 likes and 8,500 views.

That isn't to say the #3 spot is to be glossed over; far from it, in fact, because We Dreamt Our Dream has finally hit a new peak in a 4-3 climb. With the 75% weight encroaching on it still, it hits an aggregate 70 likes and 11,000 views. On its 37th week, it will need to either hold, gain, or only drop to #4 next week to stay on.

Rounding out the top 5 is Fighting Back, holding from last week. It may get a proxy boost next week following the launch of Smooth Criminal, the third in a series of Michael Jackson duet covers with show artist Michelle Creber.

The last #1, Generosity (Remix), falls to #6. However, this is now Sayonara Maxwell's best consecutive top ten run, getting to its third week in the zone. This beats out the starting runs of In Our Town (Remix) (64-67 this week), Cupcakes (Remix) (14-17), and Rainbow Factory (Metal) (74-73), all of which managed two weeks to start.

Down 6-7 is Under Our Spell (Remix). Now on its 36th week, can it finally reach the top 5 to stay active?

To summarize the rest, Your Own Sky falls 7-8, My Past is Not Today (Remix) holds at #9, and Fly Like You falls 8-10. Off the top 10 entirely is Rio's Ballad, which crumbles 10-16.

[Please note that this chart is subject to change if the top 10 votes for July are released by Saturday morning]

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