Saturday, September 12, 2015

BLACKGRYPH0N, Baasik, & Michelle Creber Lead; Aviator tails and 2 Others Debut High

BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik nab their 2nd #1 on the Trot 100, this time with the assistance of Michelle Creber in new single Getting stronger. In a busy week, Aviators, Wubcake, and YourEnigma all debut in the illustrious top 10 zone.

Getting Stronger starts off with incredibly powerful points. The 2,600 likes are enough to top the chart, but it also launches with a whopping 37,000 views! This gives it over 13,000 points, a welcome feat after several weeks of sub-10,000 point #1s. This and the other big debuts do push back the duo's previous effort however: Fighting Back drops 3-6 this week.

In the runnerup slot this week is another debut, this time from Aviators: Dragonheart. Starting with 950 likes and 11,000 views, it's no match to the top, with Getting Stronger holding a 304% lead, but it's still a career best for Aviators who previously reached #4 with Heaven Knows (Rock the World, which topped the Brony Music Billboard, is not considered eligible under current standards). Speaking of Heaven Knows, it slips 16-17 this week.

Speaking of slips, the status quo leaders seem to have slipped rather uniformly. Prototype (VIP) falls 1-3, Friendship Through the Ages slips 2-5, Fighting Back as mentioned falls 3-6, Your Own Sky falls 4-7, My Past is Not Today tumbles 5-8, and 'Bucka drops relatively stably 7-9. I wonder what positional shakeups the top 10 will receive with upcoming new votes...

Debuting at #4 is Wubcakes with Applejack's Lullaby, boosted this week by a music video. It is quite possibly the shortest song ever to chart, lasting a grand total of 18 seconds. However, it is in fact a complete cover of the original show tune, so it is eligible. In any case, the song boasts a respectable 7,500 views and 550 likes.

Finally, launching at #10 is Echoes of Her, YourEnigma's promo single to his new EP No Horseplay. 300 likes and 4,000 views resonated. Fellow single Funky Girl climbs 100-94.

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