Friday, September 4, 2015

7 Weeks for Glaze; Reuel Gets First Top 10

Prototype (VIP) remains in the top for a fourth consecutive week and seventh total, but there's an interesting shakeup further down, with a new top 10 artist, a top 5 climber, and even a returner to the zone!

Prototype (VIP) leads by stronger margins than last week. 44 votes keep it safe, and 13,000 views are a gain, but the big jump is for likes, which move from 50 to 360. It now holds a 61% lead on the #2, which is Friendship Through the Ages for a fourth consecutive week. It does take hits in multiple metrics, with 92 votes, 25 likes, and 2,000 views. Pinkie Rose's other songs do get boosts this week however: I Am Just a Pony recovers 30-27, and Pinkie Pie v.s. Rainbow Dash returns to the hit zone 41-33.

New to the top 5 is My Past is Not Today (Remix). This is both Strigidae and Vylet Pony's first top 5! This has been quite the eventful week for Vylet: 'Bucka holds at its #7 peak, Wireless (aided by Vylet's remix) holds at #9, and Fall to the Clouds returns to the chart at #31 thanks to a new remix by Kadenza. That's not even mentioning Equality, which re-enters at #97.

Re-entering the chart in the top 10 is More Than a Reflection by Reuel, at #6, a new peak. As mentioned, this is Reuel's first top 10, and it's all thanks to a new music video.

Moving back to the top 10 is Prince Whateverer's Ace of My Heart, inching forward from a #11 position. Your Own Sky also climbs one position 5-4.

In the rest of moves, Fighting Back climbs 4-3 (its first time back in the top 3 since July) and Fly Like You climbs 10-8 (the group's Mail it In also jumps 19-14).

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