Saturday, September 26, 2015

Prototype Leads an Eighth Week; Lenich & Kirya debut and BassBeastJD returns

Prototype (VIP) returns to the top spot for its eighth non-consecutive week. In addition, the August vote chamption I Am Just a Pony returns to its peak and Lenich & Kirya hit the top 10 once again with their new cover of Beyond Her Garden.

Prototype (VIP) leads essentially off inertia. It holds onto 40 votes, posts a decent 175 likes, and pulls in a still impressive 12,500 views. It's cracking 4,000 points again, unlike its last string of #1 weeks.

Close on its tail this week were the Russian duo Lenich & Kirya, who debuted a new cover of Beyond Her Garden. It starts off with 675 likes and 10,500 views. Glaze beats the track by 11%.

Dropping from its initial two-week lead, Getting Stronger drops 1-3. It still holds an impressive 225 likes and 14,000 views. The duo's Fighting Back holds at #6.

I Am Just a Pony surges back into the top 10, all the way from #33 back to its peak at #4. Its big impetus is the addition of 71 votes, and with it comes a formal addition of several vocal covers of the BassBeastJD instrumental: namely, SophiiVA's and Silver Swirls'. Each version, including the instrumental contributes votes (45 from Pinkie Rose, 23 from Sophii, 2 from Silver Swirls, and 1 from the instrumental).

An older song getting a boost from votes is Nightmares, which receives 10 additional votes for its remix. This makes it rebound 25-17. It previously peaked at #6, when it received initial votes and the remix released.

The rest of the top 10 is mostly static: Friendship Through the Ages, Your Own Sky, and My Past is Not Today all hold, Bucka climbs 10-9, and Fly Like You returns to the zone 11-10.

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