Saturday, September 19, 2015

Creber & Co. Lead a Second Week; Prince Whateverer & Foozogz Debut

Getting Stronger, though in a tighter race than last week, holds onto the top for a second frame. In addition, a 2012 staple comes back remastered and Foozogz debuts a new remix.

Getting Stronger leads the chart primarily based around its views, pulling in 18,750 this week. However, it is also receiving a respectable amount of likes: 400 specifically.

Acting as its competition is perennial Prototype (VIP), recovering 3-2 this week. It still has strongholds in all metrics, with 42 votes, 175 likes, and 13,000 views. Getting Stronger beats it this week by 14.7% in overall points.

Our first big debut this week is in the #3 slot: it's PrinceWhateverer, collaborating with NRGPony to produce a new version of Taking Flight, originally released in 2012. It's intended for an as-of-yet untitled album. This week, the single pulls in 800 likes and 8,500 views. Also, for Prince, he is also still in the top 10 with Your Own Sky which holds at #7, Ace of My Heart recovers 14-12, and Left Behind climbs 30-27.

The second debut is right behind, with Make This Castle House (Remix) from Foozogz launching at #4. Building it up are 600 likes and 7,250 views. Foozogz also grows with I'll Fly (Remix), which climbs 20-17, and Destination Paradise, which recovers 64-63.

Dragonheart is still in the top 10 this week after debuting at #2, slipping to #9. It still racks up 5,500 views and 160 likes. Aviators' Heaven Knows also climbs 17-16.

In the rest of the top 10, Friendship Through the Ages holds at #5, Fighting Back sticks at #6, My Past is Not Today remains at #8, and 'Bucka slips 9-10.

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