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2017 Chart Year - 8/12/17 - Week 37/52 - Dream of You Returns for Third Frame, PrinceWhateverer Debuts and Silva Hound Debuts *and* Climbs

Dream of You returns to the leading spot for a third nonconsecutive week. It initially led for 2 weeks off its debut. Pointwise, however, it's considerably weaker, meaning something new could easily take over in the next week or two. Say for example Daybreaker, the Solar Empress, up 3-2 and coasting with about consistent point levels. Further down the top 10, our top debut comes from PrinceWhateverer with his new track False Crown landing at #4. His track Resilience stumbles a bit 5-7. Such is not the case for Silva Hound, who nabs both a top 10 debut with Sound of the Summer (#8), but also gets a track newly into the top 10 with Battle Horns (12-10). Find out more past the break!

Dream of YouJay Man feat. Magpiepony1125
Daybreaker, the Solar EmpressJyc Row2237
The WatcherVylet Pony feat. Silva Hound & Lavender Harmony3114
False CrownPrinceWhateverer feat. Sable Symphony441
Chant of Benevolence4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi5245
Flamethrone LegacyJyc Row & WoodLore feat. Karen Warren6675
ResiliencePrinceWhateverer feat. Sable Symphony & MantaTsubasa7256
Sound of the SummerSilva Hound feat. NoWacking & Lyde881
Crystal Corruptionlia;quo9467
Battle HornsSilva Hound feat. 4everfreebrony1010124
Luna's Future (Orchestral) (2017)Jyc Row11101015
I'm in LoveThe Wasteland Wailers' Haymaker124165
Run AwaySpiral Harmonies feat. EileMonty131921
Midnight FrenzySpiral Harmonies feat. PK Emi1411425
House of GlassAviators15684
Share With Me4everfreebrony165139
The Hour of TwilightZephysonas17132022
AwokenWoodenToaster & H8_Seed feat. PurpleRosalyn1971823
Just Hang OnSynthis2019297
Fall of the EmpireVylet Pony21211
WondersVylet Pony feat. Chi-Chi2222235
ButtercupUnderpΩny feat. FritzyBeat2321216
House of Glass (2017)4everfreebrony2411224
Thought I'd Let You Know4everfreebrony feat. Relative|Pitch25617
Best Friends Until the End of Time (Remix)JoinedTheHerd2622715
The Final ShowdownJyc Row27112611
Celestial OnslaughtInklingBear2824243
Good Girl4everfreebrony293287
On HoldWasteland Wailers' Brittany Church3012513
More Cider!Jyc Row & Francis Vace3122323
SaviourDJT & ThatMusicBrony3232405
Fight This WarPrinceWhateverer feat. DivinumX3333315
Breathing SpaceDJT & Rusyd Rosman3458419
You and IFlittzy3535435
Civil WarNeon Lights3615385
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo3744847
say what you want.Vylet Pony3823393
Best Friends (Until the End of Time) (Remix)Aurelleah3923514
Tempora's RequiemJyc Row feat. Decibelle4034718
Shards of DarknessExiark & NekoWolf41104111
DeceptionVylet Pony4311112
StateraVylet Pony4413196
Pinkie's Brew (2017)Lenich & Kirya4574513
PewterPEGA & DJT46461
Bat PonyJyc Row & lia;quo4718344
RagnarokDJT & UndreamedPanic49491
Fate of EquestriaSuskii5225504
RoyaltyDJT & Xavi536666
Daybreaker Boss Battle ThemeDelta Brony5413527
You're in My Head Like a Catchy SongSilver Swirls566316
The SpotlightFlittzy & Fluffalo57265412
Night OutDJ Gestap5830302
The Time's ComeBudzy60601
Land of the Rising MoonMetapony6221573
Frozen HeartFrozen Night6335644
WonderboltAustin Hull feat. EileMonty6538617
Tale of the Valley ColtsBlueBrony feat. Cadie66661
World AdriftVylet Pony6927673
Dashie's LetterRoyalpony70701
Flying HigherUndreamedPanic7145763
Recall the Time of No ReturnJyc Row72146215
Lunar WhispersAurelleah7412786
That's a FlutterbatUndreamedPanic7516729
Fashion VictimThe L-Train feat. Elias Frost7637373
Night BreezeGhostXb77406810
Le SoleilNicolas Dominique78781
Solar EclipseFrozen Night7928757
WorthyProtocat & Natus81811
You're in My Head Like a Catchy SongAshleyH8215586
Dance Magic (Metal)Elias Frost8365652
When the Heart There LiesExplodingPonyToast8456562
Stop the ClockOhPonyBoy8511697
Set SailQuicksilver86861
The Moonlit MeadowFrozen Night87207016
Dance Magic (Remix)Faulty & bank pain8868933
NightmareJohn Kenza8923825
Phoenixiblank2apples & R3CTIFIER9016906
Dancing in the MoonlightTotalspark91911
Paris By NightNeon Lights92558711
The Spectacle (GL!TZMiX)InklingBear93931
New StartL.M.9450815
Worth (Roller Coaster)NeoN feat. Kozmos95951
Be My Sugar BelleCrusader!9695952
Realm of Frost and IceAlexey Kotlyar97971
Best Friends 'Till the End of Time (Hardstyle)Royalpony9869988
Just WaitingFrancis Vace99991
The Daughter of the WindsBlue Note feat. Ecila Amaj1001001

Our running year-end is now up to 70 positions.

Midnight FrenzySpiral Harmonies feat. PK Emi1
Run AwaySpiral Harmonies feat. EileMonty2
Dream of YouJay Man feat. Magpiepony3
Luna's Future (Snowfall Frost) (Remix)Aurelleah4
Trust in Me, ChildWeimTime feat. REV5
Shy HeartPonyphonic6
Best Friends Until the End of Time (Remix)JoinedTheHerd7
On HoldWasteland Wailers' Brittany Church8
The WatcherVylet Pony feat. Silva Hound & Lavender Harmony9
From the AshesAurelleah10
First FlightSpiral Harmonies feat. Megaphoric11
Hoping4everfreebrony feat. Giggly Maria & Relative|Pitch12
Frailty (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. MilkyMomo13
Fight This WarPrinceWhateverer feat. DivinumX14
Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Remix)microThunder15
Best Friends (Until the End of Time) (Remix)Aurelleah16
Luna's DeterminationMelodicPony17
EgomaniaSilva Hound feat. BLACKGRYPH0N18
ChaosKadenza & Zero19
Daybreaker, the Solar EmpressJyc Row20
The Midnight in Me (Remix)Notion21
AwokenWoodenToaster & H8_Seed feat. PurpleRosalyn22
Fall of an EmpireThe L-Train & Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra23
Life Still Left in MeExiark & Chi-Chi24
Celestial BerserkersJyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept25
Come AliveSilva Hound feat. Eurobeat Brony26
Smell the Roses4everfreebrony27
Chant of Benevolence4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi28
Midnight LamentAurelleah feat. ButterflyIdentity & Decibelle29
Let's Blob AgainOhPonyBoy30
Our Sweet Little Flurry (Flurry Heart's Lullaby)Kevin MacLeod feat. Magpiepony & WildCardVA31
The Fight Inside (2016)PrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony32
Luna's Future (Remix)Spectra33
Tempora's RequiemJyc Row feat. Decibelle34
My Only Friends4everfreebrony35
Bound With Time4everfreebrony v.s. Synthis36
The Spectacle (Remix)StrachAttack37
It's Gonna Work (Remix)JoinedTheHerd38
I'll Keep TryingJay Man feat. Magpiepony39
Back to YouLuna Jax feat. 4everfreebrony40
Clear SkiesUndreamedPanic42
Between Fairy Tales and Happy Endings (2017)PrinceWhateverer feat. Kaspuuh & Senya43
Luna's Future (Orchestral) (2017)Jyc Row44
Just a Game4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi45
Share With Me4everfreebrony47
You and MeFoozogz48
Pinkie's Brew (2017)Lenich & Kirya49
The Learner's ParadoxWoodLore50
The Hour of TwilightZephysonas51
A Changeling Can Change (Remix)JoinedTheHerd52
ResiliencePrinceWhateverer feat. Sable Symphony & MantaTsubasa53
Breathing SpaceDJT & Rusyd Rosman54
PeppermintDJT feat. Puffy55
Sun and Moon4everfreebrony feat. FritzyBeat56
WonderboltAustin Hull feat. EileMonty57
Out on My Own (CathartiMix)Foozogz58
Crash to PiecesSynthis59
Away From MePrinceWhateverer feat. NRGPony61
My MonstrosityThe L-Train feat. 4everfreebrony63
You Are WonderfulOhPonyBoy64
Crystal Corruptionlia;quo65
Route 666PON366
Three's a Team (2017)4everfreebrony67
Recall the Time of No ReturnJyc Row68
The Final ShowdownJyc Row69
Derby Racers (HYPERDRIVE MiX)Foozogz70
And here are the current standings in the top Summer Song race.

1Dream of YouJay Man feat. Magpiepony
2The WatcherVylet Pony feat. Silva Hound & Lavender Harmony
3Daybreaker, the Solar EmpressJyc Row
4Chant of Benevolence4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi
5Run AwaySpiral Harmonies feat. EileMonty
6On HoldWasteland Wailers' Brittany Church
8Share With Me4everfreebrony
10ResiliencePrinceWhateverer feat. Sable Symphony & MantaTsubasa
11Best Friends Until the End of Time (Remix)JoinedTheHerd
12Midnight FrenzySpiral Harmonies feat. PK Emi
13Best Friends (Until the End of Time) (Remix)Aurelleah
14Fight This WarPrinceWhateverer feat. DivinumX
15Crystal Corruptionlia;quo
16Luna's Future (Orchestral) (2017)Jyc Row
17Good Girl4everfreebrony
18AwokenWoodenToaster & H8_Seed feat. PurpleRosalyn
19The Hour of TwilightZephysonas
20Pinkie's Brew (2017)Lenich & Kirya
See you next week!

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